How To Make A Breed Cap Request

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    If you think a breed is unfairly restricted (or unrestricted) in a given discipline, please start a thread with a title in this format:

    Breed Name - Discipline - New Level

    You will need to provide evidence to support your request.

    Ideally, this should be horses of that breed competing internationally at the level you want in an all-breed show.

    However, the following might also be acceptable in instances where the breed is rare itself or simply by historical accident has not been used for the given discipline (e.g. if that discipline is not popular in the breed's country of origin).

    • The breed demonstrating ability to compete at a given level but not at a competition
    • A very similar breed demonstrating ability at a competition
    • A very similar breed demonstrating ability but not at a competition
    • The breed competing in a similar discipline
    • The breed demonstrating ability in a similar discipline but not at a competition

    Please try to ensure you can answer these questions when posting your examples:

    • Is this horse definitely the breed you think it is?
    • Is this at an all-breed show?
    • Is this representative of a good proportion of the breed or a one-off exceptional horse?

    A single example won't usually be enough for a change to be approved unless the breed is fairly rare. Very populous breeds like Arabs or AQHs might have a tougher time since it will be easier to find exceptional individuals from their vast populations.

    Lowering levels is also an option. Please provide arguments as to why in line with the types of evidence above.

    The thread you have submitted will be looked over by the breed committee and discussed with discipline consultants before any changes are made.

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