Pereda Show Stables Boarding (first month FREE)

  • On Pereda Show Stable s we have 6 diferent boarding types each one adapting to each horses needs. all of them include basics where the best food and best staff is chosen to take care of your horse. each horse gets made by our certified vet a specific diet which shall be followed during the boarding time at Pereda Show Stables. Horses can be visited any day from 8am to 5 pm and can be ridden if not on a training or retierment program . Any extras requested by the owner might have an extra charge on the monthly bill which will be told with anticipation

    Regular Boarding
    This program is meant for horse owners who dont want to take lessons but do want to ride at Pereda Show Stables facilities and have their horses on the best hands possible this program includes food, water , hay, grooming, stall, stall bed, time out at the pasture, farrier visits, stable hand , acces to PSS facilities and if requested treadmill walking. this program does NOT includes Vet services, training, lessons and horse transport
    Retierment boarding
    This program is meant for old or lessioned horses to rest during their last yeats of life at Pereda Show Stables with the best care possible. this program includes food, water , hay, grooming, stall , stall bedding , time out on pasture (for healthy horses only), stable hand, orthopeadic farrier if needed, 24/7 vigilance, vet checks and access to PSS facilities. this horses cannot be ridden . this program does NOT include Surgery, transport , training or lessons.

    Outdoor boarding
    This program its made for pregnant mares who need to relax, stressfull horses or horse owners who are low on money. This program includes food, water, hay, pasture to be shared with other 2 or more horses, place to hide from rain, grooming , stable hand, farrier and access to PSSC facilities. this program does NOT include Vet services, training, lessons , horse transport or horse blanket at night.

    Training program
    This program is for horses that need an extra training to develop themselves. this program includes food, water , hay, grooming, stall, stall bed, time out at the pasture, farrier visits, stable hand , acces to PSSC facilities ,specialized training, horse transport if told by trainer and if requested treadmill walking. this program doesn NOT includes Vet services and lessons . Owner may visit training horses but can not feed them treats or ride them. trainer might be chosen by the owner of the horse. this will create a training program specialized on each horses needs.

    PSSC horses
    This program is for Pereda Show Stables horses that have been sold or their offspring only. This needs to have his PSSc certificate in order to be admitted. This program includes everything on the basic program plus a training lesson to get PSSC horses back to fit.

    Boarders can be shown by us if allowed by owners.
    all programs include at least 1 pic monthly and an update every day

    Boarders Will stay on our boarding barn

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