To the owners of Willow's Horses

  • Hey guys!
    I recently remembered the existance of my previous thoroughbreds with the prefix Willow's, from when I owned Willow Hill Stables. (Thank you Flat Racing leaderboard for reminding me)
    I therefore have a few questions.

    1. Who owns a horse with the prefix Willow's, and how are they doing?
    2. Is it possible for their prefix to be changed to HT, to match my new stable? (Moderators, if it's been too long and this change isn't allowed, could someone let me know?)

    I'm sure they are doing much better in their current homes than they were doing with me ;)

    Thanks everyone :)

  • Administrators

    (Is moderator)
    If you own the prefix HT on the main site then you can request the owners of your sold horses change the prefix with no time limit :)

  • @Elsie-Spectre Fabulous, Thank you Elsie!

  • I have Willow's Snapdragon. She has a few points in show jumping so far, and she's entered in the current show jumping event. She's doing well so far. I also just changed her prefix to HT.

  • I have Willow's White Gold and has 47 points in Flat Racing.

    I'll get his prefix changed to HT White Gold

  • I have two horses with their prefix (Willow's The Wanderer & Willow's On Cloud Nine). Both compete in Flat Racing. The two have won their second title (Regional Champion in Flat Racing, with 63 and 69 points respectively).

    I will send ticket to change the prefix soon. ;)

  • Wonderful!
    Thank you everyone 😊

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