• I refuse to send this horse out until I know he will pass Equus registration as a Cremello(despite it going to a facebook friend but she might not want him).

    PLEASE I need all the BEST critiques you all have, I don't care if it's cold hard cruel truth I haven't done a cream coat in ages!
    alt text
    CAS IMAGES & Unposed

  • Development Committee

    Personally, I find the horse to be too pink

    I would make it more a cream color with pink shaders

  • Administrators

    This is a charming horse but he's slightly pink?
    See these images:
    x - x - x

    While cremello can have pink tones, they are primarily pale gold / yellow / white. You're actually pretty close with the mane colour, and cremello (being chestnut based) will have a very similar mane/tail and coat, so you could really move toward making the horse closer to that colour and you'd be set!

  • Thank you both. I'm glad I asked for a critique he looked fine to me but other eyes can see different things. I will make changes tomorrow after work. I feel it may be the detail markings making him quite pink so I will adjust those accordingly.

  • Updated it :) I think it does look better.
    (My shine is such a killer)
    alt text


  • It still looks pretty pink to me. :see_no_evil:

    Maybe you could try using more brownish/yellow shades than pinkish/redish ones?

  • It does look better but still a bit pink, yes :D Maybe move the color in the circular preset more towards the white center to fade it out or a bit to the yellow :D

  • Development Committee

    Better, but yes, still a bit too pink. I suggest playing with the opacity of your pink markings and use other tones, such as creams, as well

  • The base is pink so I may make the base cream. I'll have a 3rd attempt soon

  • Development Committee

    Ah, that explains why it's so pink. Yeah, I'd use a cream base and use pink shaders instead

  • Final rendering(?) looks so creamy now lol
    Again the shine is crazy x.x
    No shine
    alt text
    CAS & Unposed

  • PR Committee

    That looks much better!

  • Yay I'm happy. I haven't made a cream coat since my Palomino I don't know how long ago.

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