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  • Hello!
    I'm Aylin, and as some of you may know, when it comes to google sheets I love to automate things so I don't have to do much work later (though, to be fair, a lot of my work I probably spend more time automating than if I were to do it by hand, whoops!).

    @Elsie-Spectre has some really awesome stable manager sheets that are life savers for managing everything Equus. These sheets also happen to be a perfect place to practice writing functions and in turn, simplify the amount of things that one needs to enter for them to be reaching their max capabilities. Below you will find some of the results of me tinkering around with them that have reached far enough into development that I am confident enough to share them.

    Please enjoy and feel free to ask/suggest/share anything in the comments below!

    Terms of Use

    • Please do not just add me to your sheets with a comment in them saying something is wrong. I have a lot of other projects and seeing a random sheet pop up in my shared with me tab does not make me want to work with it.
    • Do not claim credit for my code, I spend days working on it.
    • Do not sell these in any way, this includes in trades, fake currency, or real currency
    • Do feel free to share this! I would love my work to be spread
    • Do change what you wish, but I take no responsibility for any bugs that arise from this and will not help to fix it without being in a spectacular mood
    • Do help if you understand how the code works
    • Do enjoy!


    Big thank you to all my testers, I wouldn't feel confident in my code having little to no bugs to share if it was not for you!

    Automatic Genotype Database Add-On (AGDA)

    Tired of separating all the genotypes from your horses out into each allele? Then let AGDA do it for you! So long as you are willing to follow a certain format for each gene* (reference link found in the manual or below), AGDA will fully fill in the spaced out genotype in the Genotype Database sheet for you saving you precious time and letting you get to planning your breedings faster.
    Genotype Reference

    *This is a change that is fully possible to be made, however unless widely demanded, I will not be providing variations for each gene and it is up to you to change it should you wish to. This should only be done by someone who understands the code as the function that checks the genotype needs to be in a certain order to not choose a different allele (e.g. RnSb showing as nSb if the part that checks for "n" is before the one that checks for "Rn")

  • Was tricky but I got it to work. I followed your directions and I could not get it to work. Very helpful thank you!!

  • Thank you for sharing this! Finally I'm willing to use the genotype database :smile:

  • @Allison-Person You're welcome, I'm glad to hear you got it to work! Is there anyway I can make the instructions more clear for others?

    @Shea-Hamilton So happy to hear this is letting you use more of the functionalities of the stable manager sheets! I hope to be sharing some more things to quicken entering horses soon. :)

  • Thank you for this! And thanks for your help!

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    This is so cool! Thank you for making this for us, I look forward to what your brain comes up with in the future! :heart:

  • I had to copy and paste all the cells for mine to work. Other's may be diffrent but it would not properly work otherwise. I blaim Firefox.

  • Amazing, thank you so much! Looking forward to new updates! :kissing_cat:

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