Zinnia's Photobook| Hey Look It's a Foal (02/04)

  • Hello and welcome to my scrapbook I will be posting about the horses of Rocky Mountain Estate. We compete and breed Warmbloods for Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping and we're starting to breed Lipizzaners for Classical dressage and just dressage. I'm hoping to update my scrapbook as much as I can, thank you in advanced for visiting! :heart:

    Rocky Mountain Estate has a long history, we were originally based in the rolling hills of Italy breeding Spanish horses, the stable was called del Mare.
    In 1729 a special bay colt was born his name was Maestoso, as he grew two men in a white carriage with gold boarders would drive by with two big white horses pulling the carriage. In 1735 Maestoso was a divine stallion he had a dapple grey coat and a stocky yet long body. People would stop by the farm just to see the young stallion being trained, one day the two men in the white carriage came up the dirt driveway. The two horses pulling the carriage were very similar to young Maestoso, they seemed older and were pure white like a blank piece of paper, with luscious manes and tails . The two men (Antonio and Alexander) approached the owners of del Mare (Pablo and Giovanna) saying they were from the newly built Spanish Riding School and were looking for their 8th horse to join the team. Giovanna and Pablo were unsure of this, so Antonio (the head rider) made a deal-"The farm of del Mare is aloud to keep their stallion Maestoso and the owners are able to visit Maestoso whenever they desire. Pablo and Giovanna's daughter Anna will be the stallion's groom and rider. However the Spanish Riding School has the right to train the horse in classical dressage and breed the stallion to our carefully selected mares". This deal was followed succesfully and Maestoso grew into the 8th horse of the Spanish Riding School he had a very successful career and Sired many other amazing horses. However during Maestoso's career there was a war, del Mare had to relocate across the Atlantic Ocean into the rocky mountain's of Canada they renamed the stable to Rocky Mountain Estate to hide. Since del Mare had started to raise some of the Spanish Riding School's Lipizzaners people from different countries were coming to Italy to try and steal the Lipizzaners, that's when Italy relocated del Mare to Canada and renamed the farm. After a few years Maestoso was returned to the farm in Canada, we continued to help raise/retire the Riding School's horses, even now we help with their Lipizzaners. Now you must be wondering what about the Warmbloods when did they come in? Well that part of our stable's history is still unknown to us but we are continuing to look into our stable's old documents to discover that missing piece.

    Now it's time to meet our horses, the documents below will list names of our horses organized into their discipline category. Horses with a * before their name have two disciplines.


    Celeridad Andromeda Oldenburg Liver Chestnut Eventing - No
    FTCS Pompeii Irish Sport Horse Black Eventing - By request
    Ocean Pearl's Kamikaze Throughbred Bay Eventing - No
    *Rohirim's Iced Tea Trakehner Bay Eventing Dressage No
    *RME After Math Oldenburg Grey Eventing Dressage By request
    *RME Cookies and Cream Knabstrupper Leopard Bay Eventing Dressage By request
    RME Lost In Time Finish Warmblood Flaxen Chestnut Eventing - No
    RME Surf 'N Passion Danish Warmblood Bay Eventing - No
    Twin Oaks Brownie New Forest Pony Bay Roan Eventing - No
    Pb Aurora Fjord Dun Eventing - No


    RFE Tuoi Segreti Irish Draught Bay Dressage - By request
    RME Harry's Creamy Coffee Hanoverian Black Dressage - By Request
    RME Le Premier Irish Draught Seal Bay Dressage - By request
    RME Glamourdale Hanoverian Dapple Bay Dressage - No
    RME Lyon Swedish Warmblood Bay Dressage - No

    Show Jumping

    *Automne Agata Da Ruadhail Throughbred Bay Show Jumping Vaulting No
    AWE Quidam de Revel Selle Français Light Bay Show Jumping - No
    CMS London London American Warmblood Buckskin Show Jumping - No
    RME Air Rider Alt-Oldenburger Bay Show Jumping - No
    RME Gulliver Belgian Warmblood Bay Show Jumping - No
    RME Mangata Oldenburg Fleabitten Grey Show Jumping - No
    RME Remix Swedish Warmblood Dapple Grey Show Jumping - By request
    SAEC Billy Boundary Irish Sport Horse Dapple Grey Splash Show Jumping - By request
    SAEC Nemesis of Flames Throughbred Dapple Grey Show Jumping - By request

    Other Disciplines

    CMS Dragonfly Days Grade Horse Grey Show Hunting - By request
    Maestoso Petra Lipizzaner Grey Classical Dressage - No

  • Kamikaze

    “Eve and Kamikaze stepped outside, the cool wind stirred up Kamikaze’s soft black mane, the sky was filled with thick grey clouds, the sun was barely visible but when it was it created streams of light giving the scenery a magical look. The mare inhaled deeply and exhaled creating a small cloud of breath that quickly disappeared with the wind. Eve walked Kamikaze through the snow to a mounting block. After a few minutes of walking in the soft snow Eve gathered the reins so that she felt both sides of the mare’s mouth, Kamikaze felt the contact and collected herself. Seconds later the two were trotting through the snow, Kamikaze was now on the bit, as the mare floated through the snow the sun carefully came out from behind the clouds placing streams of light on the snowy landscape.”
    Meet Kamikaze we bought her from @Nicole-Löffler about a year or so ago. Kamikaze is one of our eventers, I’ve been riding her for the past year or so but now our rider Eve Washington is riding the mare. Kamikaze is a very sweet horse she loves going on long rides through the forest and jumping over fallen trees (that’s why she’s in eventing), she also loves water and swimming. For a thoroughbred, she has a surprisingly thick coat so we have to shave her earlier then our other horses. The last little fact is she only likes treats (like apples and carrots) if they are cut up!


  • Very pretty photo and what a stunning horse! :heart_eyes: One of my first ever Equus horses was called Kamikaze, aww, this made me miss him a little :cry: <3

  • So nice horse and pretty sim! Beauty photo! <3

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Thank you so much :) I must agree with you she is quite a gorgeous girl! And I know how you feel the first ES horses are always so special.:heart:
    @Alexandra-Yashirina Thank you Alexandra! I'm happy you like the rider I always have trouble creating sims without them looking somewhat the same :P

    Maestoso Petra
    Meet our Lipizzaner stallion Maestoso Petra, he was imported from the Spanish Riding School. Around the barn he is known as Petra, this stallion is very well mannered his ground manners are wonderful, however when he sees a mare he gets very excited and lets out his best vocals with a flashy high stepping trot. I only recently bought Petra so he is still new and hasn't gotten into any serious work, I will be continuing his Classical Dressage career and then I thought it would be fun to train him in liberty! I hope you enjoy this picture I took of him in the indoor arena a few weeks ago during his free lunging session. :two_hearts:
    My game recently got all weird so the pictures I post won't be super exciting until I'm able to reinstall my game, but we recently purchased an amazing mare that I'm super excited about! I'll tell you more details in a few weeks(when my game is reinstalled)! :smile:
    alt text
    Please view fullsize!
    Kamikaze's fullsize picture

  • Mångata

    RME Mångata (aka Mango) is our beautiful fleabitten grey stallion, he will be competing in Show Jumping. His sire is our successful stallion RME After Math who competes in Eventing and dressage, although After Math isn't a show jumper he excels in the Show Jumping phase of eventing which will hopefully pass down to Mango. Now Mango's Dam is our very successful show jumping mare SAEC Nemesis of Flames, she has lots experience in Grand Prix events.
    In January Mango turned 5, the perfect age to get him registered and introduce him to the Show Jumping world!

    At 11:30am Mångata and I walked down to the outdoor arena which was covered with about 2ft of sparkling snow, it had just snowed that night so the snow was still soft and fluffy. The stallion lifted his head and perked his ears as a rabbit hopped out of the arena leaving small prints in the snow, the only tracks in the snow. I walked Mångata around the arena for a bit to warm him up, his nostrils flared as a tree branch cracked and snow tumbled to the ground.
    I pat his brown flecked neck, and asked for him to walk in a circle around me, obeying the command and walking in a big circle around me, he plowed through the snow. Now it was time to trot, I clucked towards him and gave him more of the line, once again he obeyed, picking up his hooves higher and taking longer strides -he trotted-. As I asked for a canter I watched, Mångata was feeling good and lashed the air with his front leg creating a dramatic transition with the snow flying up in the air, but again he obeyed and cantered effortlessly around me. His mane fell up and down and his tail flowing in the wind.
    After his lunging session I rewarded him with a kiss on his pink muzzle and many pats, I took off his saddle and bridle and let him go loose. To my surprise he stayed right with me, looking right at me. All of the sudden a thundering noise rose upon us, his pasture mates Gulliver, Harry, and Sail came galloping past in their pasture. We both walked to the fence Mango let out a loud but friendly nicker, Gulliver, Harry, and Sail nickered in reply trotting towards us, the stallions were happy to see each other even though it had only been about 30 minutes since they last saw each other. The stallions finished their greetings, the three in the pasture walked away, I put on Mångata's halter and carried the rest of his equipment, I led him to the barn where I groomed him off making sure to get all of his itchy spots and put his baby blue blanket on and then of course gave him lots of treats after an amazing lunging session. Now that his pampering was over it was time to put him back into his pasture, awaiting his arrival was Gulliver, Harry, and Sail. As soon as I said goodbye to Mango and took off his halter he and the three other stallions cantered away leaving clouds of snow.

    (I was not expecting this update to be so long... Haha sorry but I hope you enjoy! :smile:)
    alt text

  • Beautifully described :D

  • Petra is so dreamy!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you! :smile:
    @Quinn-Monroe Haha thanks! :heart:

    Piccolo Segreto
    RME Picocolo Segreto (Translated to Little Secret(barn name is cola)) is our mare Sired from RFE Tuoi Segreti a Irish Draught who was bought from Lidija Rotherford, and Cola's dam is our lovely Knabstrupper RME Cookies and Cream. Both of Cola's parents compete in dressage so of course her discipline is going to be dressage. Cola absolutely adores dressage she has schooled the basics and is currently working on self carriage and impulsion in her trot and canter, we will hopefully be registering her sometime soon so she can start her career. Cola is currently 5 years old and stands at 17hh which is strange considering her parents are not the tallest of horses.
    Below we have a picture of Cola being ridden by Antonia Reed, Antonia was doing some no-stirrup work while Cola worked on her self carriage. The snow was helping Cola pick up her hooves more which is good because she tends to drag her feet at times. After their ride Antonia's legs were killing her and Cola had gained some more muscle from plowing through the snow. But at the end of the day Cola was given extra cuddles, hay, and her favourite -grain-. During her extra cuddles she posed for a quick picture. (P.S I highly, highly recommend fullsize for the first photo!(and sorry for the totally non creative story for these pictures :P ))

    alt text

    alt text

  • Banned


  • Awww that last picture is lovely :heart_eyes:

  • Cola is stunning! Love her conformation and that trot! Just wondering where the pose is from? <3 xx

  • That second photo of Cola is absolutely adorable <3

  • Sorry for the late reply everyone! :confounded: But thank you so much for your compliments, it means the world! :heart:
    @Neeve-Kalford The pose is from somewhere on the Russian Equus Sims :slight_smile:

  • Lovely Story :D Cola's coat color is stunning <3

  • Oh god, just look at this supercute nose q_q Can I touch it? The facemarkings are too adorable, really.

    ps: I hope you don't mind if I say this but.. there's an error in the horses name >_< the word "picocolo" doesn't exist in the italian language, the correct spelling in this case would be: piccolo

  • I love chestnut head marking :)

  • @Bree-Asgard Thank you! I tried to make her markings cute and I'm happy it turned out :smile:
    Also thank you so much for correcting me, I must've been tired when I wrote that :P I was able to spell "Piccolo" correctly on the main site the day after haha>.<

  • @Zinnia-Arvi You've created the marking by yourself? It turned out so great, really! Ohh I'm glad you got it right on the mainsite profile then. I wasn't sure if it's just a spelling error in the scrapbook. : >

  • @Bree-Asgard No unfortunately I didn't make the marking myself, I'd absolutely love to learn how to make a marking though! :heart:

    The Runaway Horse
    I have recently entered RFE Tuoi Segreti (bred by @Lidija-Rotherford) into the Kendall County Spring Horse Show. It was only a small local show, we took him there to help him get ready for the bigger competitions. But lets just say this competition didn't go as we hoped or expected... :sweat_smile: (The pony in the last bit of the story is a little eventing gelding named Ninus des Grèzes, we bought him from Bree quite recently, I will make a proper introduction update for him but I thought I would add him into the story anyways!)

    "I'm so nervous" was the first thing and only thing that came into Lisa's mind. She arrived in the car with Eve and their trainer, both riders tried to comfort each other before facing the chaotic stable grounds.
    When they finally entered the stable there were numerous riders frantically reading over tests, grooms getting horses ready and trainers freaking out. That was the last thing Lisa needed to see right now, so she tried to avoid it by walking straight to the stallion barn. From there she walked straight for Eddy's stall. The stallion held his head over the door and watched as horses and riders walked past him, then he caught sight of Lisa. He gave a low nicker and stretched his neck out as she go closer. "I have no treats!" That was a lie because Eddy could clearly smell the sweet, sweet smell of apple snacks. He nudged at the exact pocket firmly and finally Lisa gave in giving the eager stallion two treats. Eddy was a relatively clean horse and was able to keep his white legs clean, and his braided mane in which was always nice to have in a horse. About an hour later Lisa did some last minute touch ups on Eddy, and went over her test for the thousandth time. She had Eddy all tacked up and was mounted on, her coach gave the girl some last minute pointers and bugged her for not wearing a helmet in the Warm up arena.
    Eddy was a fair bit tense, Lisa had relaxed enough but was having trouble controlling the horse so she just let him have a slack rein, which helped calm the stallion a little.
    alt text

    The warm up was okay but it left Lisa wary about how the rest of the day would play out. Meanwhile Eve and Lisa waited for the right time to tack their horses up again, they held the horses in just a halter and lead rope while they waited. Lisa caught sight of a big black stallion and his groom approaching them, he must've been at least 18hh. He walked like a king and his coat shone in the bright sun making him a true sight to see. With all this admiring and day dreaming Lisa hadn't noticed that the stallion had just spooked and he was backing up straight towards Eddy! The black stallion continued to back up, Lisa held onto the lead rope as tight as she could as her own stallion was becoming anxious of the big horse backing towards him. In the midst of everything Eddy reared up, he lashed out and as he landed to the ground he quickly turned on his hocks and galloped away towards the cross country course. Lisa was filled with shock, her horse had just escaped, and the whole horse show was put on pause because of the incident. Eve was the one to react fast, she grabbed Lisa's arm and sprinted towards where Eddy had galloped away. The girls ran and ran when they finally saw a girl on a small pony and a horse following along. As they got closer Lisa couldn't believe it, it was Antonia (Lisa and Eve's best friend) and Ninus followed by a sorrowful looking horse.
    "Are you looking for this?" Antonia said jokingly. Held by a lead rope was the one and only Eddy, he looked so ashamed that you couldn't help but feel bad. Antonia explained that she and Ninus were on a little hack through the forest when Eddy came barreling towards them. Eddy had only managed to give himself a few minor scratches that were really not quite noticeable. With all the drama Lisa ended up missing her test but that didn't matter, what mattered was that Eddy was safe and not harmed. :heart:
    alt text

    I hoped you enjoyed this story, and thanks for visiting! :heart: And Happy St. Patrick's Day :smile:

  • That was such a nice story to read :)

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