old website sale! [CANCELED]

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    I am gonna sell 2 of my made websites. I made these websites in the past for myself but
    I dont use them anymore. I have them so long time in my wix bin! So I will sell them now to a hopefully happy member.
    You can change everything you like
    You can use all pictures and textes at the sites when you like
    You dont have to credit me
    You can sell the website to others
    You can dublicate the website and use it twice, or for a friend as a base
    If you buy the website I will be at the website as moderator (wix make that automatically) you can delete me out of it! Or I stay that I can help when you have problems
    You dont have to credit me
    You can keep the backgrounds


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    Starting bid. 5.000,00 Starting bid. 8.000,00
    min. bid. 10.00,00 min. bid. 10.00,00
    max. bid. 10.000,00 max. bid. 10.0000,00

  • The second one is SOOOO amazing!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford
    Thanks :3 hope they will find owners :3

  • SB on website 1! 😍😍

  • This post is deleted!

  • Development Committee

    Website 1 - 6k (:

  • Website 1 - 7k

  • @Jacinta-Broughton you won Website 1 ^-^ you can DM me at Slack with your email, when you have sent the money I will transfer the web to you ^-^

  • Starting bid on website 2!

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