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  • Hello!

    The 13th January, I've registrate my horse EEF Kalabraskï. There is a problem with a genotype (and breed), but It was adjust. And she was accept (surlight in green in the sheet of Registration Edit Request). But she isn't appear in the info database of the two leaderboard of her two disciplines. Is this normal? Or do I have to redo her registration?

    Thanks in advance,
    Gaïa Nollick

  • Administrators

    Hello Gaïa, I am the registrar handling your horse EEF Kalabraskï. She hasn't been accepted for registration yet- Your edit request was accepted but that did not fix the problem on your horse. I have left this comment on her registration, which can be viewed on this document-

    Update 1/17- thank you for submitting a change to this horses' ancestry, however I'm afraid your problem isn't solved- Selle-Francias do not carry Champagne, nor do Belgian Warmbloods or French Trotters, so this horse still needs to be changed to Unrealistic registration, or given parentage that would give it champagne realistically- American Saddlebred, for example. Please reference the Master Breed List for breeds that carry Champagne.

    The Master Breed List can be viewed here. If you want your horse to be registered Realistically, all you have to do is select a breed that carries Champagne and add it to her lineage. Breeds that carry Champagne can be viewed in the found by looking in the Modifiers column.

  • Ah, I haven't looked this :'/
    But I have searched on the web, and all coat are accept in Selle Français :'o finally, that's what I read ^^ Short, I haven't choice to put it in unrealistic :)

    Thanks for you answer Nikki.

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