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    Another Leasing Thing!

    I'm going to keep this short! (But probably make it fancy later to be fair.)

    I'm looking to bring in a little extra money through leasing. The terms are as follows:
    • Payment is due at the beginning of each month. Horses being leased will not be entered unless payment for that month has been received.
    • Leasers must accept that I am a full time college student with a part time job. I may miss the occasional show. I will refund the proper amount of leasing fees in the event that this happens.
    • This is exclusively for Randomized shows, and the Randomized phase of the Combined shows. You do not send files.

    Open Spots

    ○ I am only leasing in disciplines that I do not compete in. The following disciplines are NOT open for leasing

    Show Jumping
    Draft Horse Showing
    Show Hunters
    Field Hunter Trials
    Hunter Paces
    Pony Show Hunters

    ○ I will be taking horses from any other disciplines, and will keep track here as I get them. The number will depend on the levels I have open.


    ○ One Show =

    Total Entry Fees for Horses Entered

    ○ Short Term (4 months or less) =

    $1,000 Per Horse, +$500 for a secondary discipline
    ex. 5 horses with 2 disciplines each = $7,500/month

    ○ Long Term (Longer than 4 months) =

    $1,200 Per Horse + $500 for a secondary discipline
    ex. 5 horses with 2 disciplines each = $8,500/month

    What Now?

    ○ If you are interested in this service please send me a DM either here or on slack. For large numbers of horses, a spreadsheet with the horses' names, IDs, and disciplines should be provided. You do not need to worry about tracking levels as horses will be added to my sheets.

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