Starting over looking for all the latest!

  • So I am back with a great machine, but I am looking to get one new world preferably Arabian style or if not that a gorgeous world to play with. I am also looking for all the latest CC, best mod for enhanced picture taking, markings, tutorials(for every subject), brushes and pretty much anything you think would be helpful when starting over! Feel free to treat me like a newbie because honestly it sure feels like it right now. Thank you everyone you guys are awesome!

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    Hello Katie, and welcome back! :smile:
    I don't have all you seek but I know a few things that seems to be essential these days. I hope this helps and happy CC hunting!

    For markings, brushes, new CCetc. I'd recommend to use our beloved, everything new is up here and it's being updated daily; if there is any new content you'll find it here!

    For arabian world I'd suggest to go with Raja from SLS here if you want egyptian style:

    or we have the es cc database which has pretty much all the public equestrian worlds available:

    For best mods that enhances the game I'd recommend

    Luke's HD mods
    Either the 4k butter mod for smooth horses (most popular one atm)
    or Ultimate HD Horse Mod or if you have a computer that can't handle 4k,
    I'd suggest using Lite or Super-lite version which is basically the same as above only 1k and 2k for low-end computers.

    I'd also suggest(if your computer can handle it) to use Elsie's HD preset, which is needed for luke's 4k mods (butter and ultimade hd mod)
    A lot of people are also using reshade these days, which gives a nice blurred background and enhanced game. It's a lifesaver for those who just wants to take pretty pics without editing in photoshop!

    Aand you need to make sure to look after Luke's manes and tails (and Elin's braided mane) and also Elin's new 3D tack - bridles, quartersheets, half blankets, bell boots and leg wraps(pretty much everything you need)! Most of it can be found here aaand some it can also be found here! Remember to look through the rest of the advent stuff as well, there's so much new and amazing stuff here and I'm amazed of how good the CC creators has become. I love them all!

  • Thank you so much this is going to be fun!

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