• Hello!

    I got an email, that I am banned because of cheating money, but I didn‘t! The account you think that this is my second one... No! This is my sisters account! She gave me her money, because she dont needed it, because she only wants to compete atm and not buy horses, so thats why she gave it to me! Idk if you can understand this or if you believe me, but this is the truth..! She also put a text into the „memo“ when she sent the money to me. You can translate this (its german). She said that I can have it...

    Thank you, Emily

  • Administrators

    Hello Emily,
    On Equus we only allow one account per person and we recommend that when members have a housemate or family member joining that they contact Equus admin and clarify that they are unique. If you had done this as recommended you would have been informed that Equus will consider with great suspicion any transfers of horses or money between these members.
    Your 'sister' draining her bank account to yours is beyond what we can justify as reasonable, and has been treated as abuse of multiple accounts for the purpose of cheating money and you have been banned accordingly.

    I hope this answers any questions you had!

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