• Today we have some pups for the community! I have made dogs for people in the past and I decided to auction off a few to give more people a chance at having a pup at the barn! In this auction, there are only 3 dogs available, but I may host more auctions in the future. Please take a look at the rules below!

    ~No Mass Uploading
    ~No changing the coat, gender, or conformation of the dog
    ~You can add collars, etc.
    ~If you are missing any markings, contact me and I can send you my dog markings
    ~There are no strict "activity" rules for the dogs, I know majority of them will become barn dogs, but the occasional picture is appreciated. If you do post a picture, tag me in it so I can see the dog in their new home
    ~Each dog will come with the prefix Dawn's and a show name, but showing isn't required. I like to give them names for realism.
    ~If you don't want the dog back, contact me and I will either take them back or let you sell them.
    ~Enjoy the dog!

  • The Dogs

    Dawn's Mighty Force
    2 yr old Bi-Color Male German Shepherd
    alt text

    Dawn's I Want Chocolate
    2 yr old Chocolate & White Male Border Collie

    Dawn's Sassy Girl
    2 yr old Gray Female Siberian Husky

    Starting bid for all dogs is $1,000

  • Now Open!

  • Sb for Dawn's Mighty Force :)

  • SB for Dawns Sassy Girl

  • eh, why not. Could use another ranch dog.

    SB on I Want Chocolate.

  • Beautiful!

  • All accepted!
    @Allison-Person Thank you!

  • Sale has ended! Sent me the money and a message with your email or slack, @Breanna-Fahnestock @Alex-Bristol @Cobie-Hannigan

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