Vanaheim Markings and Imports [CLOSED]

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    Please note that due to health issues, all projects are currently cancelled! Many apologies.


    • I'm still fairly new to making markings, but practise makes perfect! (near enough)
    • If you provide references, I will do my best to recreate the image, but it may not be exact.


    • Please don't put the horse/coat/template/marking up for mass download.
    • Imports should be registered with my creator ID (2338).
    • Files will be sent after payment.


    • IMPORTS (including custom markings)
    • Blind solid coat - 6k
    • Blind complex/patterned coat - 10k
    • Reference solid coat - 7.5k
    • Reference complex/patterned coat - POA Dependant on complexity
    • Main site registration - +1.5k to horse price
    • MARKINGS (without horse/from reference)
    • Head and Leg markings - 3k for a set
    • Brands - 2k
    • Full body marking - POA dependant on complexity



    Type of import: Blind / Reference
    References: (if requesting a reference import)


    Type of marking:


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • A few more imports done:

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Honoria, grey thoroughbred mare for Alex Bristol

    alt text
    Vanaheim's Aleth, wild bay thoroughbred mare for Hedwig Johnson

    I'm closing this and all my services beyond leasing until the end of April as I have university commitments. Stay tuned for when this comes back!

  • Service is now open once again!

  • Name: Dual Heaven
    Type of import: Reference
    Breed: Australian Warmblood
    Sex: Mare
    Colour: Black
    References: 0_1528826067335_E0BD2C3E-EAEC-45BA-AEDB-E7C3BAADAB64.jpeg

  • @Savanna-Fireside I'm very sorry, but I'm having to cancel all of my projects. I hope you can find someone else to make your horse.

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