Ariadne's Atelier { 'Colourful' Theme Expansion }

  • i think every horse person experience that before 😂😂 you never fail to make me laugh with your wonderful stories ❤ i still don't know how you do it but everything you post is perfect. the horses are perfect, the athmosphere, the sims, the stories ❤❤😭

  • I'm sure we all have that kind of conversations. Mine always end up with a sigh and rub on the head or with my horse pushing me away 😂

  • Rabbit seems to be such a lovely character <3 I just love animals who have their own quirks, the ones that don't give a fudge of what we're telling them <3

  • @Clementine-Laake I'm a puddle now. :weary: That really is far too kind and far too complimentary; I don't know what I can possibly say in response. (thank you so much!)My secrets I shall happily share: carefully angling the camera to hide anything unseemly, sifting through dozens of shots until you find the most tolerable one, and spending shameful amounts of hours posing, dressing, and staging. No actual talent required! :laughing:
    @Callixta-Rosella :heart: I love hearing from you because (1) I know you're busy and distractible, so that you've made the time to do it is heartwarming in itself, but also (2) because you've been encouraging my shenanigans for literal years now and it's just.. nice for me to know I've not bored everyone away? That I've still got interesting ideas left and people are still interested in Agatha & Co. :laughing: I love the idea of drawing a horse's thoughts!! Ah, I'm going to have to try that some day (you should do it for Jabari!)
    @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you, Sam! <3 And thank you for your feedback- I suppose I'd just gotten used to seeing them on grey while editing and the sudden switch to white made them seem darker. Glad to know they're not as bad as I thought.
    @Anna-Hertler Good! We can be terrible at commenting together. :open_hands_tone2: :heart: I will forever disagree with you on the point of my horses' 'perfection' but I will agree with you that Rabbit has checked out of that conversation. :laughing:
    @Constantine-Vale Ah! Constantine! I don't know why I forgot to tag you?! Probably because I posted late and wasn't thinking as usual. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like him; I'll forever be grateful to you for lending me Husaria. <3 Even better- I'm happy to have made your day a little bit better. :slight_smile:
    @Neeve-Kalford Stop it, you. :weary: Such high praise; I can't cope. I'm especially chuffed about this because I do work hard to make the setting seem like a real place, as though something else was happening there minutes, days, weeks, whatever before, and to [hopefully!] make you guys feel as though you've been slotted in to watch something as it happens. So yes that's that and I'll stop rambling. (but thank you, Neeve. <3 )
    @Maria-Jones I think you're probably right. :laughing: About the horse. You're less right about everything being perfection (that's actually you :kissing_heart: ) I'm glad this made you laugh! Much of Lowmax' story feels so sad, so I've really been wanting to try to capture some more lighthearted moments to show that it isn't all gloom. :slight_smile: I'd like to do some more, but I'm not so good at writing comedy... :sweat_smile: We'll see!
    @Aurora-Bianchi Yes! They always find a way to tell you exactly what they think of your ideas. :laughing: My horse was particularly fond of putting his head down in search of something to eat, or straight up trying to walk off, regardless of whether he was tied or not. :laughing:
    @Therese-Lind I imagine him so, yes- gentle and placid and trustworthy. <3 I must admit, I'm also fond of the ones with personality... even if those personalities can make us feel rather foolish. :joy: It's amazing how animals can humble humans without having to utter a word.














     - featuring -
    Dorothy Lawley
    Kendall Halloran
    Azura KN ( @Rosalie-Clarke )
    Northfield Changeling ( @Eowyn-Vance )
    on a summer day at Lowmax.

  • Those are some innovative angles! I could kiss that bay's pink muzzle all day :blush:

  • PR Committee

    Rabbit - ah the infamous "straighten up talk" I feel like I have these conversations with my gelding on a weekly basis. These flighty creatures always manage to make us look like idiots on our best days, and then they have audacity to look at you with their big stupid eyes and ears like they are the victim in this situation. When my gelding was about 3 we had him on a trail that had some really large boulders on the side. The trail was flat and wide so my friend and I were cantering back and forth hopping the logs and having a big time. About the 3rd or 4th run through my colt noticed the boulders and lost his sh*t!

    Book Club - I love all the elements in this shoot. I have longed for a day where I could find a spot under a true and stretch out under a blanket with a nice book and watch the horses all day. I can practically hear the cicadas and the sound of the horses snorting, swishing, and eating the grass. Moments like this are important.

  • Wow, great shots! :heart_eyes: That was the best part about the summer when I still was able to be around horses on a daily basis, to sit in their pastures or right outside of it on the ground, reading a magazine and just enjoy the peace and calm around the yard <3 How I miss it! These pictures sure bring out some good memories :heart_eyes:

  • No, no, no, no Ariadne! How am I going to survive this book club update?
    I can't begin to describe how much I love this update. It's something I've always wanted to be apart of, a book club and not to mention with horses near by. Not only are these pictures something that belongs on one of Mr. Darcy's extravagant wall's, but this update (like your previous) includes Dot! After you introduced her more during your Pemberton entry, Dot is by far one of my favourite character's of yours. And I love her even more now that I know she's in a book club. She reminds me a bit of myself, parts of her personality. Oh how I wish I could plop my own character Addaliina in your book club. :hugging: By the way that pasture looks so nice. I love all those trees, I can only imagine who wonderful it must be in Fall. :maple_leaf:
    Now your "listen up," update is so simple yet so enchanting. That's all I can say, because I love the swirling simplicity of that update and those pictures. (Is this grey the horse you entered in the Show Hunter show? :heart:)
    Lulu! Such a lovely girl. She looks like she belongs to a Princess or some sort of royalty. I cannot get over the second picture you posted of her with the pretty white flowers. My heart can't take the elegance of it. :broken_heart: (my mare in real life likes to run around the pasture as well. but then again I'm pretty positive she belongs to fairies, so she's probably running with them...) Please give Lulu a carrot from me. :carrot:
    ((Hello Ariadne!?! I'm terribly sorry I haven't responded to you on Slack yet. I was on a trip and then school kicked me. However, during part of the trip we visited Vermont. It was ridiculously beautiful there. I don't know if I would've survived experiencing Vermont in the Fall. :cry: Vermont did inspire me even more for Pemberton. I hope to message you soon! With a board you can look at as well!!!))

  • WoooaHH? Wow, okay, I love this!! <3 Like, I'm just imaging sitting outside on a summer day and relaxing, ach, its so nice! This photoshoot is so fantastic!

  • PR Committee

    Firstly, I just need to ramble on (yet again) how happy another update makes me. I have nothing worth writing because all I can focus on is how pleasant and calming those pictures are; could there be anything better than getting lost in a book surrounded by nature and horses? That sounds like the best type of day :two_hearts: I love all the different angles and shots; Changeling has such a sweet curious look on her face; how can that book be more important than petting her?!

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Haha, yeah, I was definitely having fun creeping my camera around, looking for something new. The last and second angles are my favourites! And I agree- a very kissable nose indeed. :kiss:
    @Danielle-Maddox Making fools of humans is really what they excel at. :joy: I severely empathise with your harmless, flat trail experience- my TB has definitely done something similar. Maybe he just wanted to show me a new view of the sky. Y'know- on my back, staring up at it. :laughing: I'm glad you get those vibes from the last shoot because that was absolutely what I was going for- a sort of deep summer mood, when you want to do nothing but be outdoors in the air and the sun and at peace. :relieved:
    @Therese-Lind Ack, thank you! Huge compliment, as I've not seen an image I didn't enjoy in your blog. :heart_eyes: I'm glad to have evoked some happy memories for you; I love to make people feel things with my story. <3 I have similar recollections myself from when I was a little girl, sitting out on top of the giant round hay bales left on the pasture, watching the horses and reading- and moving my toes out of the way when they'd reach up to check what they were!
    @Zinnia-Arvi No, no, no, no Zinnia! How am I going to... reply to this without leaving a letter? C'est pas possible. I laughed out loud at your "Mr. Darcy" comment- I think his taste is a bit more elevated than this, pet. :rofl: You're going to be thrilled to see that this new update also features Dot! She's getting a lot of spotlight lately. Not intentional, but I'm glad to see how well she's been received! Is Addaliina a bit of a bookworm? Perhaps she'll have to visit Lowmax one day and sit in on a book club meeting once I get @Maria-Jones out of the guest room Or maybe she and Dot can be penpals? :thinking: I'm sure we can work out something cute.
    The grey horse is not the same; for the hunter show I leased a gelding from Maggie York; this fellow is White Rabbit, whom I've had for a few years now. I think there's a post or two with him on the first page of this blog. He's a sweetheart (even when he's trying to be naughty)
    That's an astute observation because I presume Lulu probably thinks she is a princess. :crown: I'll have to post a better view of that particular area with the white flowers, because that shot is terrible. :laughing: And I love that idea that your mare is running with the fairies!! Too cute.
    (and don't you worry one bit about that. :kissing_closed_eyes: Life is busy! I'm not bothered in the slightest :two_hearts: )
    (pps. VERMONT!!!! So jealous. Send me some pictures if you have any! I'd love to see!)
    @Wilder-M-Bernardi Haha, thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed it and found it as evocative as I'd hoped! I'm so ready for summer. :sunny:
    @Callixta-Rosella You, precious, as always. <3 I do adore little Maisie- I spent most of the time putting this set together wishing I could reach into the screen at pat her sweet little face.






















     - left to right -
    Cecilia Glassock
    Nikolaj Malkinov
    Yury Malkinov
    Dorothy "Dot" Lawley
    Kendall Halloran
    Archibald "Archie" Rothersay-Vandover
    Minerva "June" Cossey
    Eva Anders
    Caleb Quain
    Agatha Foskett
    MSE Transfiguration | "Fig"
    ( @Danielle-Maddox ; @Aylet-Schrödinger )
    Northfield Changeling | "Maisie"
    ( @Eowyn-Vance )
    Photographed on location in Pemberton.

    Look- yes. The reshade in the group photo doesn't match, Agatha and Yury are out of focus, and some of the team is missing. And yes: I did give up painting his eyes after that one instance. Blue eyes are hard, okay?
    ... But hey! This is Fig. Maybe you remember him from another time. If not: he's an Akhal-Teke; his colour is Perlino; he now belongs to the mysterious owner of Qora- yes, the same one whose status and origins everyone likes to conjecture about (including me!)
    Welcome to the family, Fig!
    I've missed a date in my schedule- except not really, because I explicitly stated it was a capricious schedule. You can't hold me to that! I've been busily making horses (shocking! :scream: ) so perhaps the next snapset will be of that.
    We'll see how confident I am on the day.

  • Everytime you update I'm speechless and don't know what to write in comment because... it's awesome, it's beautiful, it's heartwarming... and I could write till late night (it's 4pm right now where I live) how pretty your pics are and how I love them. Every freakin time.
    "I've been busily making horses " now I'm on the "mental error" mode, unhelathy curious how do they look like. Send help.

  • @Ariadne-Waters said in Ariadne's Atelier { Mountain Pearl. }:

    once I get @Maria-Jones out of the guest room

    that'll never happen
    alt text

    Fig is a stunning boy <3 And that group picture is adorable! i tried to make a group picture a few times but posing all those sims.. ugh no.

    @Ariadne-Waters said in Ariadne's Atelier { Mountain Pearl. }:

    I've been busily making horses (shocking! :scream: )

    you made HORSES??? :eyes: i can't wait to see them <3

  • Your photos are always so cozy and nice! Also they are so original and interesting - for example I would never hit the idea of angles from the "Book Club" :D
    Ahh I'm sooo curious about horses you've made!

  • oh my gosh what is this dream world!!! Everything is so soft and glowing and ......DREAMY! Cant believe how beautiful this all is.

  • Holy!! I'm in love.. i was before.. but now... i'm more.. Can't wait to see the net update! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Yayayay! Welcome to the family Fig! He looks perfectly matched in your assortment of characters. I adore that shade of brown on him! It looks so lovely on his bright pale coat! I love group photos like this! It's so lovely to see your infamous crew all together in the same place. I feel like Agatha in this picture because there is nothing I hate more than photos. Everyone looks so lovely and handsome!

  • What can I say, absolutely speechless :astonished: Welcome Fig! He's an absolute stunner, like, wow, what a horse. Figs the kind of horse to make you self conscious about your own looks haha! His mysterious owner is certainly lucky to have her hands on such a lovely boy. Also can't forget to mention that last photo, so wholesome, I love it. Barn family photos are literally the best thing, you never get to see all the riders in one place!

  • Wow everything is so detailed! I love it! :heart: I felt like I was there, whispering in that beauty's ear

  • the details! the editing! <3 so beautiful. teeeach me! xd

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