Royal Somerset

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    About Us

    The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. –Amelia Earhart

    Founded in 1906 by Sir Johnathan Bristol, Royal Somerset was first a cavalry training centre and went on to supply many great horses to this fighting in the first world war. With an injured knee, Johnathan couldn't fight in the war, but he could very well help with the war efforts. He started by training and breeding draft horses, sturdy and perfect for war.

    It wasn't until long after he'd passed, leaving his stables to his son, that Royal Somerset began training and competing warmbloods. In 1978 Royal Somerset received it's royal status, for its war efforts, fantastic stock and excellent results in all disciplines it set out to master. Now, in 2017, its run by Alex Bristol, her wife Italia, and their irreplaceable team of vets, trainers and riders.

  • Our Team

    Believe me, if it worked, it was an accident

    Don't let appearances fool you. The words 'Royal Somerset Staff' and 'sensible' do not fit in the same sentence. If it can be done, it will be done. Saying that here at Somerset we're professional, driven and determined. From wife duo, Italia and Alex, to brothers Mason and Kieran, the word family is far more suitable to this team of misfits.

    Name Age Role
    Alex Bristol 27 Owner and Head Rider
    Italia Bristol 24 Head Trainer
    Mason Kemp 26 Trainer
    Jess Sykes 22 Rider
    Kieran Kemp 25 Rider
    Bailey Wiley 32 Vet
    Olivia Nicholson 19 Apprentice
    Kara Bennett 18 Stable Hand

  • Our Horses

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