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  • The Gidran

    The Gidran, Gidrán, or Hungarian Anglo-Arab is a horse breed developed in Hungary from bloodstock that included the Arabian horse. It is an endangered breed today, with only about 200 living representatives worldwide.

    The Gidran breed began its development in 1816 at the Mezohegyes State Stud. The original foundation sire was a desert bred Arabian stallion named Siglavy Gidran. This stallion was crossed on Arabian, Turkish, and Spanish-Naples mares as well as other local mares from eastern Europe. Beginning in 1893, Thoroughbred bloodlines were added. Later, Shagya Arabian breeding was also added.

    The breed influenced or was crossed on many other breeds in eastern Europe, including the Czech warm blood, Austrian Warmblood, Hungarian Warmblood, Malapolski, Nonius, Pleven, and the Ukrainian Riding Horse. It is closely associated with another Hungarian breed, the Kisber Felver.

    Source: wikipedia

    Stud: Marcopuszta in Hungary
    Height: 15.3 to 17 hands (63 to 68 inches, 160 to 173 cm)
    Colours: Mostly chestnut, also bays, blacks
    characteristics: The horses are set apart for their speed, stamina, agility, and courage.
    Conformation: They have a small head and a straight profile. They have well-shaped crest and small ears. The breed tends to have a long back and large eyes. The Gidran is a very muscular horse and is powerful.
    Use: sport events (mostly eventing), carriage ride

    Gidran Profile
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  • Gidrans are a very popular breed in Croatia as well! We have a breeding organisation and all...

    This is the page that leads to the breeders' association website: http://hugk.hr/
    Here's a catalogue of horses: http://hugk.hr/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/GIDRAN-katalog-2016-12-05.pdf

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