Hidden Spring Cottage

  • Hello and welcome!

    Glad you found us. In this album I would like to present to you our stud, our horses and our

    Team. A few general information about us. Our stud is located in beautiful Canada, more specifically in Mantioba.

    We breed Belgian blooded, but also Arabs. This year there are also a few foals that you can see soon.

    See here our new logo, how do you find it? (made by @Jacinta-Broughton )


  • ~ From mistakes you learn

    I used the better weather today and went to the square with Derino SRT. The weather in the last days has always only scared us into the hall. Well, said done, I brought derino out of the box, cleaned and saddled snugly and made me with him on the way to the place. I have already noticed that he was not as quite loose as the days before, but I ignored it. After straps, stirrups down and off on horseback. Warm up first. I also noticed that he is not as super-running as before, but I thought to try it anyway. The unit on the square was anything but good. Derino is very sensitive to help, and as soon as something does not suit him or he does not know it, he remains standing. Again and again he stood still, looked and went backwards.. It was clear to me and so I parried him back to step and rattled all the places on the body that affect the seat. After a three quarters we were so far and we could start working, with success. At the end he snorted still neatly and after
    I opened the gate, this picture was created. I love this horse, even though it always brings new challenges 🙈


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