Two accounts

  • Good afternoon.
    I wanted to know if I could solve the problem with two accounts? Back in the old forum, I registered an account and used it, but after a while I forgot my password and my mail was hacked and I forgot about it.
    Recently I returned to the game and thought that the new forum needs a new account, registered to a new mail. All I managed to do there is register a horse and a stable.
    And after a couple of days I was able to go to my old account.
    Can I delete a new account?
    And what to do with the horse, do I have to register it again or can I delete it somehow?
    Old account
    New account

  • Administrators

    Hello Kat! Thanks for explaining what's going on here.
    The new profile will be locked and the horse will be deleted, so you can register it again on your old account :)

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