[ENDED: OWNERS!] Scarborough Sales - 3 Warmbloods

  • PR Committee


    Rules & Notices

    • Don't upload horse for mass download.
    • Don't reuse horse's exact confo or custom white markings.
    • Don't change horse's show name, DoB, height, and mane & tail color.
    • Do make minor changes to coat, conformation, mane & tail style, and discipline(s) if you wish.
    • You may apply for as many horses as you want but you may only receive one.
    • I will not police activity but it's nice seeing the horse around the community.
    • Include your favorite movie so I know you glanced at the rules.
    • All horses come with main sites and are in the process of being registered.
    • All horses have custom white markings (Thanks @Andrea-Burdine).
    • Sale ends 11:59pm est March 9th.
    • Have fun applying!

    Apply by filling out the form below
    Application form

    SSH Despina
    Liver chestnut Hanoverian filly
    Da Hussler REC x Fredrikelof's Rhapsidion
    +17 Eventing
    $35,000 obo

    SSH Empyre
    "One supreme authority ruling an extensive population/territory"
    Black(EE) Trakehner stallion
    Monachyle's Aureole x SSH Europa
    +12 Show jumping
    $30,000 obo

    SSH Northwind
    "Wind of the north"
    Chestnut Dutch Warmblood stallion
    Monachyle's Northfall x WP Roseburg
    +10 Dressage
    $28,000 obo

  • PR Committee

    Application count

    Despina - 5
    Empyre - 1
    Northwind - 4

  • SSH Despina :heart_eyes:

  • Despina is gorgeous :heart: So tempted :see_no_evil:

  • Northwind is so gorgeous :heart_eyes: I'll definitely send an application in for him <3

  • why does northwind gotta be dressage :cry:
    gorgeous horses though, i'm totally going to be stalking them in their new homes

  • couldn't resist, you know how much I love your horses :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    So glad to see so much interest already! It honestly means so much to me.

    @Eowyn-Vance Northwind doesn't have to compete in dressage, he can compete in eventing if you want! Bonuses are just an FYI.

  • Mmmm that build on Northwind!

  • PR Committee

    All horses have passed registration, added CAP pictures as well to see how they appear unposed in game.

  • PR Committee

    And the winners are....

    @Maci-Collins - Despina

    @Kia-Williams - Empyre

    @Jade-Nguyen - Northwind

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