How to do I add more than 8 sims/horses to a household?

  • Hello!

    Just wondering how I add additional horses to my household of 8 as I'd like to add 2 horses and then potentially a further sim and their 2 horses. I have master controller and within that in the settings 'allow more than 8 sims per household' is set to true but when I try and add the horses it says I have too many in that household...

    So was just wondering how to add them in :)


  • I recommend you do that in Edit Town. Choose the household where the horses are and merge it with the target household. That should work!

  • If edit town doesn't work, put the sims in a different household and go through the nraas settings to add them to your active family :) (don't remember the exact options)

  • @Isaiah-Pace Okay thanks :D will try that later :)

  • @Audrey-Henderson Okay thanks will try that aswell :)

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