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    If you dont know me, im Charlie, im pretty friendly. Hello! Now that you know me, time to get to the point.

    You may not have seen much of me recently, and that is the pure reason i am opening up leases. I have had a few events happen which has prevented me from going in game itself, and playing with my pixel horses - as much as i love them - which has been bothering me for some time being unable to play. I go on the forum every so often for staff duties, but thats about the most i will do. Im slowly getting back into the swing of things, but until then i may need a little help.

    Before we get into lease details, i want to let everyone know these horses will NOT be for sale. I may not be in game, yes, but that does not mean i wont go in game eventually. This is just a lease to keep the horses active whilst i pull myself together and get off my butt. Pull yourself together Charlie, jeez.

    And yes another question you might be thinking, "Charlie, are you insane? Trying to lease all your horses out?!" Yes. I may be a little crazy, but, i do have high hopes i will find a leaser for majority of my horses.

    This lease is purely for shows, and to keep my horses active.

    As for rewards, the typical breedings, moneys, etc will be offered at the end. They can be discussed to suit you as im pretty flexible with either.

    First in best dressed (i think thats how its said?), so those who message me first get the first pick and so on. So if you would reallllly like a certain horse for lease, be quick to make sure no one snaps them up first.
    All horses have their disciplines/points/levels/breed/gender/ID to make it as easiest as possible for you to choose what suits.
    Regarding .sim files, they can be asked for upon request, but only for those who will actually show a lot of the horse in R phases of shows or blog entries. If you do not or don plan to do either of those things, you don't have to have the horses file.

    Leases will last the usual Equus year (4 months - please someone correct me if im wrong), and if any inconveniences, do not hesitate to message me - i dont bite - and i can end the lease at any time. If you are unsure about the start and end of your lease/s, feel free to check the link below with all the following horses for lease as start and finish dates will be listed.

    Horses highlighted green have already found a leaser, ones in white are still available.
    If horses are in yellow they are awaiting final assurance from the leaser. A yellow highlighted horse will remain yellow no longer than 24hrs.

    I'll stop blabbering, horses for lease are linked below :heart_exclamation:

    Horses For Lease

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