Photography Society

  • Welcome to the Photography Society!

    Pics or it didn't happen!

    The Photography Society is about getting back to our roots - a place for everyone to participate in fun photo challenges of their horses, sims and farms. It's also a place to grow your skills, and learn from other members and tutorials.

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    Membership & Rewards
    Membership is automatic - enter one of our challenges and you're in! Entering challenges will earn you club points towards badges, stamps and trophies to display in your signature, your websites and in game.

    Our management team are a dedicated bunch who selflessly support the club by organising and judging challenges, and helping to make tutorials to help out other members. Well, maybe not so selfless (we do pay them), but they're a hard working bunch, and your first port of call if you wanted to ask a question or find out a little more.

    You can reach them via DM on Slack or on the forum, as well as in our Slack Channel!

    If you'd like to be a part of our management team, you can apply here!

    Management Member Role
    @Zahid-Sadir Founder, Head Judge
    @Hediwg-Johnson Challenge Host, Judging Team
    @Iris-Hammel Judging Team

  • Leaderboards and Reward Tiers

    Advance your way up through PS's leaderboards to fufil your destiny and become the Photography Master*!
    *Not affiliated with Pokemon in any way :|


    -- Coming soon

    Reward Tiers

    Earn reward points every time you enter a photography challenge, and bonus points for judge's commendations! Level up to earn badges and stamps, as well as in game rewards.

    Reward Tier Title
    Tier 1 - 10 pts Cadet
    Tier 2 - 25 pts Polaroid
    Tier 3 - 50 pts Paparazzi
    Tier 4 - 100 pts Star Photographer
    Tier 5 - 150 pts Photography Master

  • Events and Challenges

    Every month, PS hosts a themed photo challenge series open to everyone. The aim is to inspire members to experiment, have fun, and grow their skills. There are automatic rewards for participating, as well as bonus awards and cash prizes for judges commendations.

    Current challenge

    March 2018 - 'Dawn'

    Past challenges


    Suggestion Box

    Have a cool idea for a theme? Earn 1 reward point per suggestion, an additional 4 if we use it! Please check the raw list first, as we do not accept duplicates.
    Suggest a theme here
    Raw list

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