[ENDED] Wintergrun Estate Premium Warmblood

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    • The horse and coat may not be put up for download or copied for future horses
    • The horse/coat may be used as reference for future breedings, within reason that you change enough so it is no longer recognizable as the same horse
    • You can alter the coat slightly(beyond just shine markings) as long as it remains the same shade/colour but conformation may not be changed
    • If the horse misses more than 4 shows in it's discipline I will consider it inactive and take the action I see fit, which could entail reclaiming the horse
    • Photo updates are preferred but not a must
      *Any shine and white markings can be replaced as long as the idea stays the same(3 socks stays 3 socks, a blaze stays a blaze etc.)
    • Let me know if you are selling the horse, in the event I would like to buy back
    • Minnimum bid increase of 1,000
    • Bidding ends 03/04 11:59 MTS unless bids have been posted within the last 12 hours, in which case it is extended to a 24 hours after last bid auction.
    • If i've forgotten anything I'll add it later but please just be respectful of the time that went into this horse :heart:
      *Include an emoji in your offer to let me know you read these rules please

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    Wintergrun has it's first home bred stock to auction, a beautiful 4 year old Dutch Warmblood colt out of two of our very successful Show jumpers who come from impecable bloodlines themselves. Fox, as he has become known in our barn has already proven himself as a keen and careful jumper, having been lightly started over fences and free jumped well over a meter. With clean conformation and ideal angles, he shows no faults and could reach the top of the ranks with the right rider. However he does also show the bravery and aptitude to follow in his sire's path as an Eventer. This promising colt comes with a main site profile and is in the process of being registered and will be all set out to start his showing career with you. Both his parents are still actively competing.

  • More horses will possibly be added over the next few days/week.

  • bump :smile: Pictures of sire and dam added

  • SB! He's a beautiful looking horse :horse_racing:

  • @Rachel-Deacon Accepted :smile: Thanks!

  • Ends tonight at midnight unless more bids are made 😊

  • 16 000 .... how to not bid on that beauty :P

  • Accepted, it’s now 24 ALB 😊😊

  • Ended, the winner is @Katherine-Star-Ackles! Pm and I can send the file and main site once payment is sent

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