[Winners Announced] Western Club Spring Freestyle

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    HMR Leviathan
    American Quarter Horse Stallion
    Ridden by Alex Parson
    Sliding Stop - Reining

    alt text

  • WDC Lost Without You
    Baluchi stallion
    Ridden by Jade Lacel
    Western Dressage • Lead Change in working lope before joining the "track/trail" (not sure of the english word ?)


  • RW* Haastia
    Baluchi mare
    Ridden by Jade Lacel
    Western Dressage • Working walk on the diagonal


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    QMR Door Buster
    American Quarter Horse Stallion
    Ridden by Han Soo-jin
    Reinback - Reining

    alt text

  • RAHS Jailer's Custom Nic
    American Paint Horse Stallion
    Ridden by Kory Sanders
    Barrel Racing - Listen

    alt text

    "Jailer has been out of the show ring for almost a year! He shouldn't be the one taking him in there!" Apparently I hit a nerve with my sister when dad gave me permission to take Jailer into the barrels event at the local rodeo. I was laughing the entire time she was throwing a fit, mostly because she was the one whom had been getting him show ready for the last few months and rebuilding him after a poor trainer did him wrong.

    "You have a western pleasure event at the same time Jailer is set to run his. Kody isn't going to wreck a horse that could run a barrel pattern blind folded. So just cut it out." Dad had finally had enough and you could hear it in his voice. So could my sister because she stormed off to go get her horse ready for her event. Then he turned to me..."

    "Give him his head, point him towards his first barrel and let him go. He's got this you're just along for the ride." Jailer snorted and flicked his tail. I nodded and led he big black stud toward the arena to wait for our turn.

  • CK Prince Gotta Whiz
    AQH Stallion
    Ridden by Alexa Morgan
    Western Pleasure

    alt text

    Dad is gonna be pissed, my sister bailed on riding Prince in the western pleasure event. Instead she stood watching me do the barrel event. So Alexa, my sisters best friend took over the task of riding the little quarter horse. He's well trained, we have used him for little kids to ride in walk trot events at fun days. No big deal for Alexa who is still learning to hop on and do the show. But still....despite her moving him through the motions and him responding flawlessly....she wasn't who dad wanted on Prince. I think they did well, hopefully the judges felt the same way.

  • MSE Rome's Spookin' Devil
    APH Stallion
    Ridden by Alexa Morgan
    Freestyle Reining - Listen

    alt text

    I snuck the drone...dad told me to leave it at home but...being myself I didn't listen. My sisters best friend, also my crush, asked me to ride my horse Spook. I said sure why not and decided to try out the brand new camera I hooked up to it. It was AWESOME!!! While she was doing her spin to the music I captured the shot and it caught a ghost image of Spook mid step and then the final image clear as day to show the spin. Was pretty cool. Even dad said something after he was done being mad about how that photo needed to be mounted above his desk in the office. But yet he said it was a bad idea and might spook the horses. HA! Little did he know my big Spook doesn't spook at nothin'.

  • Revelwoods Seminole Wind
    Shetland Pony Stallion
    Ridden by Jessie Person
    Western Trail

    alt text

    Jessie looked at the big horse in front of her. She had practiced on Dusty not Windy. Windy was smaller yes but still... This was just a little starter show according to her dad. They were not even leaving the state. She had been to many many shows before but never allowed to show in one. Even the pony saddle was to big for her little legs. Jess knew Windy was a sweet boy but still. He was a big horse. Not like her mother's big horse but Windy was big to this little four year old.
    Everything had started out well for the little girl. Though no one dared to tell her she ended up accidentally taking a wrong turn on the third part. She came into the bridge backwards. The Ring stewards quietly just stayed out of site of the camera from the local paper and smiled at the little girl. Everyone silently cheering the little tyke on as her game little pony did the course following her every light command on his back. even if those little legs were in buddy stirrups instead of the saddle stirrups.

  • Jase Sunshine and Flower Y
    American Indian Horse Mare
    Cutting (Keeping her away from the herd)
    alt text

  • GFH Ashinta
    Akhal-Teke Mare
    Ridden by Auron Gryphon
    Reining, Spin
    GFH Ashinta and Auron Gryphon, during the show.

  • MFU Asfaloth
    Arabian Stallion
    Ridden by Sarisa Orens
    Western Dressage, Working Jog (Trot)
    MFU Asfaloth and Sarisa Orens, during the show.

  • MFU Shantae
    Arabian Mare
    Ridden by Rina Daine
    Western Pleasure, Jog
    MFU Shantae and Rina Daine, during the show.

  • Frozen Motion
    Akhal-Teke Stallion
    Ridden by Tom Mikens
    Western Dressage, Working Lope (Canter)
    Frozen Motion and Tom Mikens, during the show.

  • MV Black Widow
    Arabian Mare (SE)
    Ridden by Hanna Evans
    Barrel Racing - Rounding the first barrel
    Black Widow

  • Al Jaheem MV
    Arabian Stallion (SE)
    Ridden by Rica Wagner
    Reining - Spin

  • Jaleelah du Hali
    Arabian Mare (SE)
    Ridden by Hanna Evans
    Western Pleasure - Jog

  • D/Z She's a Topsail Contess
    American Quarter Horse
    Ridden by Francesca Díaz
    Reining - Sliding Stop
    alt text

  • Vanaheim's Gossamer
    Lusitano Mare
    Ridden by: Chase Person
    alt text

    Trouble? He knew trouble. If his wife did not kill him her horse may. Chase did not think of the consiquinces of taking his wifes brand new beautiful Lusitano before he loaded her. He would blaim it on Scott. Yeah he would blaim his brother. Scott did tell him a dainty little dressage horse could not do reining. Then Scott was talking about one of the arabians not this girl. She was a spitfire and clearly did not care to have a man on her back. She fought him every move but ended up doing them. Excluding that last canter it was more like a jitterbug across the arena. Hopefully the judges would only have noticed it as a sloppy canter.
    He thought he had things under control with the mare untill she got a spur up her butt. Muttering a few curse words at the mare he gritted his teeth talking to her It is bad enough I had to put your fly bonnet ear thing on. Then you threw the bell boots at me. If that was not bad enough you planted a foot against my new trailer. And you forced me to put the boots on you. I am the laughing stock. Do you not like me or somthing? What did I do to you?
    Chase growls out I seriously think this horse hates me... Unbeknownst to the man.. The mare disliked all men as she threw up another fustrated buck to unseat the man on her.

  • Smokin' Rose Y
    American Indian Horse
    Ridden by: Elsa Person
    Heading & Heeling (header)

    alt text

    Elsa had one thing to say about the big golden horse her mom brought home. WOW!
    No one was allowed to ride her or Ladybug. Rosie was her mother's pride and joy. Something about messing up her perfect training. Her mare threw a shoe so she did not know what she was going to do. She loved the rodeo. Barrels, roping, watching the tiny ones on the sheep. They had even just put in the new calf shoot and roping boxes. She was excited to try it. When her mother pulled the beautiful mare from the trailer and told her to saddle up Elsa could hardly believe her ears. Her sister and her wanted to do team roping for a long time. Now they got a chance on two of the best horses in the stable. She was excited.

  • WO Ladybug Queen Olena
    Appaloosa Mare
    Ridden by: Anna Person
    Heading & Heeling (Heeler)
    alt text
    Pure excitement. Pure power. Ladybug had it all. Speed, beauty, and brains. She was so easily excited just like the girl riding her. Anna loved speed and Ladybug had it. So much so she came bolting out of the roping box sideways. Rosie came out straight. Poor Anna was glad she was the heeler today. Elsa could play both but right now she had her hands full with the mare in the next box. There normal rides never came out like this. As soon as the mare heard the shoot open she was moving. Ok so she never stopped moving. Ladybug did not like to hold still. This would be why she was a roping national champion. Well on her way to her next title. Yes now to try and make Ladybug her mount.

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