[Winners Announced] Western Club Spring Freestyle

  • Jaleelah du Hali
    Arabian Mare (SE)
    Ridden by Hanna Evans
    Western Pleasure - Jog

  • D/Z She's a Topsail Contess
    American Quarter Horse
    Ridden by Francesca Díaz
    Reining - Sliding Stop
    alt text

  • Vanaheim's Gossamer
    Lusitano Mare
    Ridden by: Chase Person
    alt text

    Trouble? He knew trouble. If his wife did not kill him her horse may. Chase did not think of the consiquinces of taking his wifes brand new beautiful Lusitano before he loaded her. He would blaim it on Scott. Yeah he would blaim his brother. Scott did tell him a dainty little dressage horse could not do reining. Then Scott was talking about one of the arabians not this girl. She was a spitfire and clearly did not care to have a man on her back. She fought him every move but ended up doing them. Excluding that last canter it was more like a jitterbug across the arena. Hopefully the judges would only have noticed it as a sloppy canter.
    He thought he had things under control with the mare untill she got a spur up her butt. Muttering a few curse words at the mare he gritted his teeth talking to her It is bad enough I had to put your fly bonnet ear thing on. Then you threw the bell boots at me. If that was not bad enough you planted a foot against my new trailer. And you forced me to put the boots on you. I am the laughing stock. Do you not like me or somthing? What did I do to you?
    Chase growls out I seriously think this horse hates me... Unbeknownst to the man.. The mare disliked all men as she threw up another fustrated buck to unseat the man on her.

  • Smokin' Rose Y
    American Indian Horse
    Ridden by: Elsa Person
    Heading & Heeling (header)

    alt text

    Elsa had one thing to say about the big golden horse her mom brought home. WOW!
    No one was allowed to ride her or Ladybug. Rosie was her mother's pride and joy. Something about messing up her perfect training. Her mare threw a shoe so she did not know what she was going to do. She loved the rodeo. Barrels, roping, watching the tiny ones on the sheep. They had even just put in the new calf shoot and roping boxes. She was excited to try it. When her mother pulled the beautiful mare from the trailer and told her to saddle up Elsa could hardly believe her ears. Her sister and her wanted to do team roping for a long time. Now they got a chance on two of the best horses in the stable. She was excited.

  • WO Ladybug Queen Olena
    Appaloosa Mare
    Ridden by: Anna Person
    Heading & Heeling (Heeler)
    alt text
    Pure excitement. Pure power. Ladybug had it all. Speed, beauty, and brains. She was so easily excited just like the girl riding her. Anna loved speed and Ladybug had it. So much so she came bolting out of the roping box sideways. Rosie came out straight. Poor Anna was glad she was the heeler today. Elsa could play both but right now she had her hands full with the mare in the next box. There normal rides never came out like this. As soon as the mare heard the shoot open she was moving. Ok so she never stopped moving. Ladybug did not like to hold still. This would be why she was a roping national champion. Well on her way to her next title. Yes now to try and make Ladybug her mount.

  • Kordelas SH
    Arabian Stallion
    Ridden by Skye Valens
    Reining Sliding Stop

    alt text

  • ART Morat
    Pintabian Stallion
    Ridden by Colin Stark
    Western Pleasure - Walk

    alt text

  • Dreamwoven SH
    Arabian Stallion
    Ridden by Skye Valens
    Western Pleasure - Jog

    alt text

  • Zariya MV
    Arabian Mare
    Ridden by Colin Stark
    Reining - Sliding Stop Approach

    alt text

  • Administrators

    WDC Two To Tango
    Friesian Mare
    Ridden by Alex Parson
    Passage - Western Dressage

    alt text

  • Administrators

    Areion's Eternity
    Jutland Draft Mare
    Ridden by Marsha Crocker
    Collected Lope/Canter - Western Dressage

    alt text

  • Before I announce any winners, I need a moment to say thank you so much for the unbelievable turn-out here. It has been absolutely amazing! I fully expected this to be a quiet, unpopular affair with 6 entries max, including mine. It has blown my mind to see the 46(!) incredible entries here, ranging a variety of disciplines, breeds, and familiarity with the sports from the participants. It truly warms my heart to see the western world represented so beautifully! It was very difficult to choose a winner from all the great entries presented here, but these are the decisions I’ve come to:

    Grand Champion
    @Levi-Rosenthal - CSR Sun O'Lena - Post
    2nd Overall
    @Cristyne-Westwood - PLR Cowboy Bebop - Post
    3rd Overall
    @Skye-Valens - Zariya MV - Post
    Most Artistic
    @Hediwg-Johnson - RRC Rangos Little Revenge - Post
    Best Arab/Part-Arab
    @Skye-Valens - Dreamwoven SH - Post
    Best Stock
    @Marc-Sanders - RAHS Jailer's Custom Nic - Post
    Best Other
    @Karen-Phoenix - GFH Ashinta - Post
    Best Reining
    @Marc-Sanders - KR Playin' Aces - Post
    Best Cow Sports
    @Allison-Person - WO Ladybug Queen Olena - Post
    Best Western Pleasure/Trail
    @Levi-Rosenthal - OCS Color Me Fancy - Post
    Best Western Dressage
    @Blake-Bellanaris - Areion's Eternity - Post
    In addition to this, two participants who didn’t place were randomly drawn to win Nikki Calvaria’s final two import contributions.
    Congratulations to @Callixta-Rosella and @Jase-Sunshine!
    The horse chosen to be the Western Horse Club’s first horse showcase is TY Gypsy Spirit!
    All participants will receive a mystery prize from Jase Sunshine

  • Administrators

    Can @Karen-Phoenix, @Skye-Valens, @Callixta-Rosella and @Jase-Sunshine please contact me on slack or with your email address so I can send you files for your imports!

  • I did not expect anything. Thank you. Guess my roping box helped

  • Thank you for hosting and for the generous prize donations. This was a lot of fun!

  • Moderation Committee

    If you won a marking from me please DM/PM me here or on slack to receive your markings <3

  • Would all participants message me as well. I decided to donate a pre-release item that you will find out when I send it to you. You can DM/Pm me here or slack. 9 times out of ten I am lurking on slack.

  • Thanks so much for your donation Allison!

  • The showcase for Gypsy has been posted here.

  • Thanks again Maxine for hosting that challenge and all the generous donators.
    It was a real pleasure to do these entries and to see everyone else's ones !
    It makes me really happy to see my entry chosen as Grand Champion.

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