[Judging] Photography Society March Themed Challenge

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    Get inspired for this month's photo challenge hosted by the Photography Society. Our first challenge asks for photos also inspired by the beginning of the day, a frosty dawn or an early start in the calm of morning. We're looking for images that really capture the feeling of early morning.

    Challenge Details

    • Images only need to be inspired by morning, beyond that it is up to you!
    • You can enter as many photos as you'd like.
    • This is a fun challenge, we're looking for creativity and imagination: experiment and try new things!
    • Please enter your photos via the form as well as replying to the thread.

    Your judges for this challenge are @Zahid-Sadir @Iris-Hammel & @Hediwg-Johnson .
    There will be three judging criteria that we're looking for:

    • Composition: How balanced is the image? How well do all the elements fit together?
    • Craft: How well are the artistic elements used? Colour, lighting, and attention to detail.
    • Creativity: How unique is the image? How well does it stand out and do something different or unexpected?

    There will be one main challenge champion and two runners up, as well as a judge's choice award. Every entry will automatically earn PS reward points as well.

    • Every entry earns 2 PS reward points.
    • Challenge Champion: $5000 + 10 PS reward points.
    • Runner up: $1000 + 5 PS reward points.
    • Judge's Choice: 5 PS points + personalised judge's feedback.

    How to Enter
    Reply below and fill out the form to be officially entered! If you have other questions or concerns, you can ask them in the chatter thread here.

    Raw List

  • A Morning Bath
    alt text

  • Good morning!

  • morning whispers


  • I enjoy long walks on the beach
    alt text

  • Frosty Flakes
    alt text

  • A Tropical Sunrise
    alt text

  • Follow the pony

  • dawn's palette


  • Cold Morning

  • Early mornings bring impatient horses wanting breakfast!
    alt text

  • Administrators

    Lovely Bay to Start the Day
    alt text

  • I'm Ariadne Waters and these will be the entries I photographed weeks ago, scrapped about the same time, and am recklessly electing to post now (despite them being essentially untouched) because I figure, I already spent the time taking them.
    (also I forgot to resize)
    (or do anything in PS, really)



    A student trains in the bright first light. The air is already warm and the birds and insects sing together. It's going to be the clearest of summer days.

    alt text

    Featuring Dorothy 'Dot' Lawley & Poquelin


    Soft Pink

    I'm calling this soft pink partly because it looks like both of those things; mostly because I had five hours sleep and can think of nothing else. #LiteraryGenius

    alt text

    Featuring Agatha Foskett & Azura KN

  • Let the Sea, set you free

    alt text

  • Early Morning Spring Rain
    alt text

  • Is this still open? And do the enteries have to be edited or can we make a screenshot class xD

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