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    Hey guys!
    I've made my come back haha, I just couldn't leave this community <3
    So at Serenity Meadow Ranch we breed mostly Gyspy Vanners and Icelandics, but anyway have a great time and enjoy the updates that are coming! <3

  • ~The Come Back ~
    So it's been a long time since I took pictures of WHF Dune (almost 2 years ago) but I found his file again so he's back
    WHF Dune is a Danish Warmblood stallion who competes in Show Jumping


  • Very interesting breed focus you have, it'll be cool to see something new around

  • ~Royal Blood~
    So our new staff member has arrived together with a new horse.
    The horse is a Dutch Warmblood stallion, his name is Kingsman's Blue Blood

  • ~First Foal of The Year~
    We're excited to announce that SMR Sjarmur and SMR Congo had their first foal yesterday! <3
    The colt his name is SMR Murdoc Niccals and he's a Seal Bay Tobiano .

    alt text

  • Love your style of editing! Gorgeous mare in that last one. I love her expression

  • So WHF Dune is getting some grey hairs, well a lot actually...So he's going to retire and enjoy his retirement :)
    I've had Dune since he was a little foal and he was the reason actually why I was more active than ever!
    alt text

    Also a little change of plans for Serenity Meadow Ranch and an extra addition!
    We've stopped breeding Limartio Horses and we're going to start breeding Icelandics and Gypsy Vanners!
    We also got another stable called Rising Nightingale Stable that is focused only on PRE horses and I'll make another blog for that stable :)

    A little preview of the stallions at Rising Nightingale Stable:
    alt text

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