Serenity Meadow Ranch | First Foal Of The Year 6.7.17

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    Hey guys!
    I've made my come back haha, I just couldn't leave this community <3
    So at Serenity Meadow Ranch we breed mostly Limartio Horses, which is a breed that I made.
    It's mostly a mix between an APH and a Marwari (classic type), but there's also a Baroque type, which is a Friesian x Marwari x APH.
    but anyway have a great time and enjoy the updates that are coming! <3

  • ~The Come Back ~
    So it's been a long time since I took pictures of WHF Dune (almost 2 years ago) but I found his file again so he's back
    WHF Dune is a Danish Warmblood stallion who competes in Show Jumping


  • Breed Committee

    Very interesting breed focus you have, it'll be cool to see something new around

  • ~Royal Blood~
    So our new staff member has arrived together with a new horse.
    The horse is a Dutch Warmblood stallion, his name is Kingsman's Blue Blood

  • ~First Foal of The Year~
    We're excited to announce that SMR Sjarmur and SMR Congo had their first foal yesterday! <3
    The colt his name is SMR Murdoc Niccals and he's a Seal Bay Tobiano .

    alt text

  • Love your style of editing! Gorgeous mare in that last one. I love her expression

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