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    Welcome to Écuries du Casteleau! We are a privately-owned stable that focuses primarily on competing our show jumpers and eventers. Écuries du Casteleau is situated in Limousin, France. Located just 20 km away from Limoges, our scenic trails offer beautiful views of the Vienne River.

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    4 march 2018 introduction, index
    4 march 2018 horses, facilities
    10 march 2018 morning whispers
    11 march 2018 wine-dark
    11 march 2018 ecl myrtille
    13 march 2018 dawn's palette
    15 march 2018 winter's serenade
    17 march 2018 gloomy
    17 march 2018 auction [ends 3/25]
    18 march 2018 divine presence
    23 march 2018 chestnut royalty
    24 march 2018 falsterbo grand prix i, part i
    26 march 2018 nameless light
    29 march 2018 falsterbo grand prix i, part ii
    4 april 2018 flaxen solo
    4 april 2018 bunny day
    7 april 2018 cavallo rosso eventing
    8 april 2018 renovations
    10 april 2018 unwinding
    14 april 2018 palomino
    15 april 2018 a thousand miles
    21 april 2018 apple skies
    21 april 2018 old foalks
    28 april 2018 no-meo and juliet
    4 may 2018 introducing ecl white sails (properly.. kind of)
    11 may 2018 volatile yet awe-inspiring
    13 may 2018 dream beans
    15 may 2018 hazy noons
    18 may 2018 too many horses, too little time
    26 may 2018 moonlit idyll
    26 may 2018 sleepy paradise

  • Horses
    name barn name sex breed disciplines
    CHEC Acrobat Acro stallion Dutch Warmblood show jumping
    ECL Avec au Vin Vinny stallion Arabian endurance
    ECL Clair de Lune Clair mare Thoroughbred eventing, show jumping
    ECL Fleur de Mai Mayday mare Thoroughbred show jumping, endurance
    RSW Herzlicht Licht filly Trakehner show jumping
    ECL Lapin Lop Lop gelding Thoroughbred show jumping
    ECL Nameless Nommie colt Hanoverian show jumping
    ECL Nefilabata Nuage gelding Hanoverian show jumping, dressage
    ECL Promesse Éternelle Pete stallion Thoroughbred show jumping, dressage
    ECL Rhythme Alpha Alpha stallion Thoroughbred dressage, show jumping
    Sin's Solister Sol stallion Austrian Warmblood show jumping, eventing
    ECL White Sails Sailor mare Thoroughbred show jumping, endurance

    ♥ coming soon ♥

  • title
    morning whispers

    Our entry for the Photography Society's March challenge, featuring ECL White Sails in this morning's fog. ♥

  • I hope that comments are welcome.. :fingers_crossed_tone2:
    I really love your edit and that horse i gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

  • ECL Avec au Vin

    An entry for the Arabian Horse Society's Showcase Challenge. So far Vinny, as we call him, is our only Arabian... we'll see how long that'll last ;)

    @Keith-Vennenhöf Thank you, that means so much to me! Sailor was one of my first horses <3

  • I love the atmosphere in the photo! Vinny looks lovely! (plus its good to see other French people- and that show name is very telling, haha!)

  • Holy woah! I simply just love you'r horses. :heart_eyes:

  • ecl myrtille

    (Whew, another post from me?) This is ECL Myrtille, a British warmblood who's very lucky to be owned by @Jimmy-Sutherland!! He'll definitely enjoy his time at Spring Hill Equestrian :smile:

    @Marquis-Moulin Thank you! I always try to put emphasis on the atmosphere of the photo, since a lot of times it makes or breaks it (and let me say this one was quite the challenge). Thanks again for the comment! :wine_glass:

    @Keith-Vennenhöf Ahh thank you so much! I adore your horses as well, they look a m a z i n g :heart_eyes:

  • The world & the background looks so great.
    & of course the horse, too

  • OMG stop with all those gorgeous horses!! :heart_eyes:

  • title

    Another entry for the Photography Society's March challenge. This little cutie is ECL Nameless, a Hanoverian-Thoroughbred cross out of ECL Ouï-dire (who I haven't introduced yet). He's super sweet and loves posing for us in the fields :sunflower:

    @Mira-Green Thank you! I can't wait to finish my facilities so I can post more pictures of them and the world :slight_smile:

    @Keith-Vennenhöf No YOU stop with all the nice comments! (Seriously though, thanks for always taking the time to write something nice. It makes me very happy and motivated <3 )

  • Awwwwwww! :heart_eyes:
    Is his real name really Nameless? Or don‘t you have a name yet? xD

  • What a cutie! I love his coat, so vibrant and lively.

  • Aww what a lovely photo! Nameless is a really cutie!

  • Are you French ? where you just decided to settle in France for the landscapes haha ?
    Anyway, I love your horses and your pics are awesome :3

  • Awwwwwww!!! :heart_eyes: I'm in love! what a cute little fella! Can't wait to follow him grow up!

  • winter's serenade


    ECL Nameless, or Nommie, again, frolicking in the snow a few weeks ago. He's so silly and loves jumping on and over everything whether it be a tuft of grass, a twig, or his mama (yes, there was an attempt). The snow didn't seem to hinder the bounce in his step at all :snowman:

    @Hilda-Wilson That's his name alright XD I thought it'd be funny if he did end up making a name for himself in the competition ring and his name was Nameless... though I guess it'd also be a bit sad if he didn't... (in addition to not knowing what to name him, but shhh about that part)

    @Addelle-Watson Thank you! I love making bay coats <3

    @Marquis-Moulin Thank you!

    @Mathilde-Dahler I can't believe I've managed to fool you all into thinking I'm French XD ...I'm not French myself nor have I lived in France (I've traveled there though and it's really beautiful). I was debating for the longest time whether to set my stable in England or France, but since the owner's name was French (la Coupe) I decided to go with France. And no regrets! Thank you!! <3

    @Keith-Vennenhöf aaah Thank you! I can't wait to see him grow up either and start competing but at the same time I'm super sad. (And the weird part is I usually don't feel that way when it comes to aging the foals up :thinking: I guess he's special)

  • Haha I though t! Where did you go in France ? Ah well, France is great :sunglasses:
    You're welcome

  • Such a cute foal, cant wait to see more !

  • gloomy

    It's supposed to rain this weekend and in the latter half of next week. Possible thunderstorms.

    Anyway, this is ECL Promesse Éternelle, currently sporting the "it-looks-like-I-have-three-legs" look. He really doesn't like rain (let alone thunder), but he'll roll all around mud and wet grass any day. Ugh. (We still love him lots though.)

    @Mathilde-Dahler Haha, what possibly could have given it away?! (Asides from my punctuation, poor use of the language, and little knowledge of the culture...lol) I went to the obligatory Paris :slight_smile:

    @Nicole-Löffler Thank you! I can't wait to see more from you too!!

    (side note: I can't believe I've already posted so much to this blog XD Don't be too surprised if I just crash and leave for a month or something--not that I'm planning to do so, but just because I don't know if I can keep up with this rate of updating. Thanks so much for all of your support, it means so much to me! <3 )

  • What a nice and atmospheric shots! Love it :heart:

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