The Garbage Pile - Horse Ear Flop Sliders

  • I was asked to make a thing so I made the thing and then realized I had nowhere to put the thing so this is the place to put the thing.

    Horse ear flop sliders:
    They do what it says on the tin.
    Left/right sliders for you to flop your horse's ears independently to your heart's content.

    They are found in the MUZZLE SECTION of advanced face due to there already being some horse flop ear sliders in the ears section that might be confusing to some people.

    Tested to work for foals as well. I take no responsibility for any janky slider or pose interactions that occur, that kind of dickery is on you to solve and mess around with yourself.

    If there are any other actual issues with the function of the sliders, do let me know. Pose distortions/other slider interactions are, however, beyond my control.

    alt text

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