Leasing Service [Accepting one offs and long terms]

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    As I have quite a lot of space on my competition rosters, particularly since the disciplines I do compete in are a narrow range, I'm offering up my spare slots to anyone who wants or needs them!

    I will be offering 3 stages of leasing:

    • One offs - Your horse is entered under my name for one competition under the standard agreement: You pay the entry fees and I keep the winnings.
    • Short term leases - One month's lease for $1 500 (+ $500 for a second discipline).
    • Long term leases - 4 months and over for $4 000 (+ $2 000 for a second discipline) per 4 months.

    Full rules can be found on the first page of the sheet linked! I'll be keeping those sheets updated as much as possible so that it's easy to see what slots are open.

    As ever, I'm willing to negociate part payment for those who can't pay full price!

    Contact me here or on Slack if you're interested!

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