(solved) Sims keep crashing

  • how 2 make sims not crash? I thought I knew a lot about it but now I see I dont - I haven't downloaded anything new, well I only installed reshade, but my computer should be able to run it cuz it's pretty good and a gamer - at the moment I have only removed a lot of things to see if it would work - it didn't

    me and Alexandra Richmond have been through dashboard, going through files, deleted the bad thingys in them u know - sims only lasted 10 min longer

    idk anymore do you have any suggestions

    I had reshade installed a few days ago, but sims have been playing as usual, but today I went to CAS and it just crashed - I dont think it's bad CC so it's pretty wierd - it haven't been doing it before on this computer, I got it in January

  • Is it a PC? Have you tried launching the game without any cc installed with your cache files removed and all? It could be conflicting cc anyway, somehow.

  • @Iris-Hammel right now I'm trying to run sims without reshade, and I'll try lanching it without CC after that - It's a PC yes, stationary - I'm not sure what it's called on english, but not a laptop xD

  • I know people has had issues with getting reshade to work, because after all it does take a lot on your computer to run it. But let us know how it goes with removing reshade and all your cc

  • Status right now is that I had the feeling it could be reshade being a butt, I've had it running the last few days with no trouble at all, now I ran it without reshade, no trouble in CAS - I'll just try reinstalling it to see if it just went bad or something; if that doesn't work either I'll leave reshade be and go without it

  • It might also be the world you're playing in. Go to your Sims 3 folder, open the Saves folder, and then open the folder for the world you're playing. Check the size of the .nhd file. (If you have World Adventures installed and you've gone on vacation with your sims, there will be .nhd files for France, Egypt, and China as well, which you can delete if you're not planning on going back. This will reset those worlds, but it shouldn't matter too much unless your sims have relationships with those sims or unless you've edited the vacation world somehow through world editor, build, or buy mode.) I try to keep my worlds under 100,000 kb. My biggest save was over 633,000 and was extremely laggy and kept crashing, glitching, etc.

    I also recommend using the Save As option instead of Save. You can rename each world to "WorldName 1," then "WorldName 2" and go a certain number (or use the alphabet). This way, if your game gets corrupted at some point and you're on save # 13, you can always go back to save #11 (for example), before it was corrupted. You can also delete the old saves, but I always keep the two most recent ones just in case.

    Also, do you have any conflicting or outdated mods? Or have you left the game running for too long? That might also be the problem. Best of luck with your game! <3

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe
    I think I'm actually lucky I made a backup just before this started :open_mouth:
    I just looked at my DHL file and it's only on 40.000 kb :confused:
    I'll try your save as method!

    I ran dashboard, the usual conflicts was there, they haven't been trouble before, I cleaned some of them out, but it didn't work, so I don't think they where the problem - I uninstalled reshade and it suddently stopped crashing, installed it again to try if that maybe was the trouble maker, so that's something I'm trying out atm

    If it happens again and it crashes, I'll go through some outdated mods! :D

    Another update too: I was also asked to try CLA - my old CLA folder had a virus, so that was thrown out, I got a newer version this morning, it didn't say it found anything, so it's kind of a puzzle

  • Update: Sims crashed again, I'm going to try some things and see if that solves something

  • Update: after 13 (actually I think it's 16) hours of work to get my game to work again, I think - I got to go through all my mods (2k of them ugh) manual to find the bad one, I'll look further on it tomorrow and see if it's solved :clap:

  • How's the game running without mods at all?

  • Have you tried using the dashboard on your mods?

  • @Iris-Hammel
    No problems running without mods/CC, conclusion is bad CC, that's also what CLA meant it could be, so I checked every mod I had

    I've used dashboard, deleted most of the conflicts I had, so nothing really was conflicting

  • I have now chosen to make this a solved puzzle - the conclusion is I had some bad CC, which dashboard couldn't find, and I needed to try and find it my self. It was my beloved DIY tent I'd love to use for future competitions, so if you meet this one, keep it away from your game, if it begins crashing - thank you all for your help!! <3 <3

  • Ohh that's a shame to hear, about the tent I mean! I have it in game and haven't noticed anything conflicting with it. I'm glad you figured it out!

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