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  • Having a number of frustrations with trying to get everything moved over to my D Drive and I was hoping someone might know what's going on or know of a solution.

    I created a GAMES folder to install everything in to- some are hard copies, some are digital via Origin. I cannot find the folder that usually goes into the My Documents where your saves and downloads etc would normally be. And for whatever reason, even though I deleted out all my old sims info and folders from the C drive, when I load my game, my old CC and saves are appearing... but I don't have them dropped anywhere on the D (backup on an external F drive) and cannot figure out what the heck I'm missing at this point. Is that something I need to manually create? I'm beyond frustrated at the moment.

    Also turns out I have two origin accounts with different EPs and SPs :face_palm_tone1: Sigh. The origin helpdesk person I talked to Sunday said it wouldn't cause an issue with accessing both accounts for the packs, but alas... not so. I'm ready to pull out my hair.

    Edit: So I guess I didn't delete the Sims 3 Folder from My Documents on C, so I guess it's pulling from there... even thought the game is on a different drive can I just move that whole folder over to D?

  • You can back it up on D but you can not run the CC and stuff from D. I don't use Origin as I end up having issues with it.
    Basically if you remove it from My Documents on C, Sims will just make a brand new folder there.
    You could run Sims from a removable drive and it would not matter.

  • My Documents location is set by windows you have to tell it to move the My Documents folder if you want it to us a different locations. Here is a link that explains how to do it. I don't know what version of windows you use but it should be similar for all versions.

  • Aha, okay- I was trying to clean all of the clutter off my C so I would quit maxing out my space :joy:

    Not the most computer literate and struggling with Windows 10, but I'll definitely be trying that link if I need the space! Thank you so much Skye!

    And thank you Allison, appreciate you walking me through it in Slack.

  • Not a problem

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