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    Lone Eagle is a ranch that specializes in western discipline with the American Paint, Quarter and Appaloosa horses. Each horse is chosen on their bloodlines and conformation. Horses are only bred to the best and then giving the best chance in life.
    We also have a small offsite English farm that gives an opportunity to some of our staff that like to do different things once in a while.
    The ranch is owned by the Morris's and lies in the beautiful Hunter Valley. The Morris's came from America to Australia. After getting used to the change in the weather and getting used to no snow at Christmas, they started to bring is lines from local studs and some from the ranch in America to bring top quality horses to the show ring. Now loving the country, they have no thoughts of going home and together with the other staff love to work and learn with their horses.

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    Monday although the start of the week is a quiet day on the ranch the horses have a rest day from work and enjoy the day in there pastures running and playing and just being a horse.
    This Monday Ayranna decided to do a photo shot with the stallions.

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    In order to get these boys to come for a photo shot we have to get bucket with food as the green grass was more appareling then having his picture taken.
    Silver loves food so naturally he gallops as fast as possible to get the most.
    Dollar and Cat are still young and tend to stick together and not as food piggy as Silver.
    Rocky is never in a hurry. He is calm and gentle and looks good no matter what he does. His temperament is so much like his sire.

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    This crazy bunch loves anything more then to gallop together. Mister since coming to LER has become the boss of this small group. He and Nate play and graze together and never far behind are Style and Mifi.
    Mifi being the calmest and probably the most relaxed of the bunch will sometimes just let his mad friends play and he will stand and watch.
    Nate is much more relax and happy now he is not with Cowboy and has become buddies with Mister.
    Style loves to chase Mifi to get him to play and when that fails Mister or Nate are is his next choice.

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    Cowboy has been a problem to get a paddock mate with his aggressive attitude to other stallions. Yet Rusty seems to give as much as Cowboy gives and although they seem to hate each other in this pic the two have started to get along and Cowboy is learning off the young colt that he can make a friend he doesn't need to boss around every one.

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    Johnny and Playboy are never ones to be bucking and galloping around the pastures they love to just graze and laze together.
    This pic was taken just as Johnny woke up and standing peacefully over his friend.

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    Smoke and Sammy are the best of friends and are never far apart, both very playful and offen up to something which we are pretty sure they have got that of Buckaroo and Bucks as there are running along side them and the four will sometimes be racing along the fence line together.

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    The old boys. These to brothers love each other and have an amazing bond together. They graze together and love to play and be cheeky to staff.
    Bucks is retired and his favorite time is the Monday when Buckaroo has a rest day and he can spend all day with his brother. Buckaroo and Bucks love trail rides together and sometimes it does worry the staff about the bond as Bucks will be stressed now if Buckaroo is away for more that a weekend. So staff are working on finding Bucks a little friend to keep him happy when Buckaroo is away showing.

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    oooh what a gorgeous horses <3

  • That beautiful horses <3 :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Thank you both :)

  • Love your horses, AQH are amazing!

  • They are all gorgeous, but the four guys on the first photo are so chunky and Silver, ah! I love how thick they are!

  • Thanks guys. :)

  • Bucks is still looking great, I love the rabicano too

  • Thanks @Cole-Tieman He will always be running around somewhere.

  • Your horses look so happy in big herds <3

  • thank Luna

    Today Ayranna and Justin worked with the young horses while Erica went on a picture taking spree.

    First offer while Justin went to get the brushes Erica got a quick pic of Holly [LER Hollywood Fancy Star] standing calmly.

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    In a nearby stall was Diva [LER Cool Lil Diva] watching Holly

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    Behind was Sahara[LER Sahara's Gold Shine] she was watching hoping to get the next brush.

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    Outside Ayranna is working with Star [LER Millenium Star] as she goes well on the lunge.

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    Erica for the moment also has her horses stabled at the stud for now until her barn and yards are being build.
    LER Hesa Red Rocket who is a gelding by Bucks running with LER Key To Romance as beautiful mare by BKR/RMH Thunder Rolls
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    Her other two are the stunning Leo Appy gelding by WO 67 Gran Torno LER Grand Attraction. Erica kept two Straws from him for future use after he was gelded. His pasture buddy is LER Ain't Misbehaven she is Erica's Western Dressage mare.
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    Promise to thoses I have horses from I am slowly getting though doing a update on all of them. I just have study at the moment so not as much time for sims as well are working with my Real Life horses.

  • beautiful! I love everyday pictures :D

  • What charming specks :heartbeat:

  • thanks guys

  • those appies! <3 they look amazing!

  • Thanks Lana :)

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