Show Question [SOLVED]

  • I know in the old equus, there was a strict policy you had to follow concerning entering multiple shows with the same horse in a certain time-frame because "your horse can't be in two places at once" or something similar to that.

    So the question is, can a horse be entered in two shows that overlap? For example, a show that runs March 7 - 10 and also a show that runs March 8 - 11?

  • Competition Committee

    Yes you can enter the horse in both those shows :)

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Administrators

    Just for extra info:
    Since we started hosting shows in groups we knew that keeping this old rule would really interfere with horses who had two disciplines in the same group, so it's completely gone now. Your horses can hop into his shows and if they're overlapping, well then we'll just say that his rider drove him really fast to the next one at the last minute :)

  • Or has a private concord plane :p

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