Silver Star Imports! {On Hold!}

  • Hello everyone! So I'm a bit bored today and decided I'd make some imports! I only have a few rules so please read them carefully. :)

    1- Please keep .SSE. you may add your own affix BEHIND it however! (Example: .SSE. CMS)
    2- Do not use the base coat for other horses unless I've expressed clearly you may. Just ask, I don't bite.
    3- Feel free to edit the mane and tail style, shaders, shines, and details. I ask you keep the coat untouched other then that.
    4- Enjoy them! No need for updates but if you do happen to register them and show I would love to watch them and see how well they are doing.

    Ah yes, the mystery pons!

    Basic Coats (Socks, Snips, Star, and other small white) - 1,000
    Mid-level Coats (Simple Splash, Tobiano, Sabino, ect.) - 2,000
    Flashy Coats (Lots of white, Max Tobiano, Max Sabino, ect.) - 3,000

    Got a horse you'd love to see made?
    Check with me before purchase, some coats may need custom markings or more time then others.

    Basic Coats (Socks, Snips, Star, and other small white) - 2,000
    Mid-level Coats (Simple Splash, Tobiano, Sabino, ect.) - 3,500
    Flashy Coats (Lots of white, Max Tobiano, Max Sabino, ect.) - 5,000

    (Please copy and paste.)

    Blind Import
    Breed: (Optional! Leave blank if you want a complete surprise!)
    Disliked Colors:
    Favorite Colors:

    Reference Import
    Horse Name:
    Horse Gender:
    Image Links:
    Any Additional Info:

  • To-do List!
    Currently 5 slots are open! Game is up and running and ready to create!

    1. Levi Rosenthal - Blind Welsh or Connemara Stallion - (Paid!)
    2. Eric Varnheim - Blind Icelandic Stallion - (Awaiting Payment)
    3. Hediwg Johnson - Blind APH, AQH or Appaloosa - (Paid!)
    4. Hediwg Johnson - Blind Württemberger Mare - (Paid!)
    5. Addelle Watson - Blind AQH - (Awaiting Payment)

    Next Opening!

    1. Porsha Hunt

  • Examples!

    .SSE. Schöner Albtraum
    Example 1

    .SSE. Touch Of Greatness
    Example 2

    .SSE. Paint Me A Dream
    Example 3

  • Not sure whether this is classed as a blind or reference because I’d like a certain breed (trakehner) but I don’t mind about coat etc!
    Blind Import
    Username: Imogen Brooks
    Gender: Mare
    Disliked Colors: None really but I already have a flaxen chestnut so preferably something else :)
    Favorite Colors: Don’t mind as long as it’s allowed for the breed!
    Thank you :)

  • @Imogen-Brooks
    This would be considered Blind! I'll go ahead and start working on something for you!

  • @Imogen-Brooks
    Meet your new Bay Trakehner Mare!
    Let me know if you're missing any markings and I'll try my best to help you relocate them!

    Troting Trakeher
    Standing Trakeher

  • Hi :)
    Would love to try ! As Imogen, I'll also prefer a certain breed, you can chose between a welsh (A, C or D) or a connemara.
    Username: Levi Rosenthal
    Disliked Colors: I'd prefer a pony that's not a simple chestnut, or grey if you chose a welsh, if you do a connemara, I already have a grey so I'd prefer anything else ;)
    Favorite Colors: I looove flashy horses, combination of dilution (dun, cream, silver ...) and/or pattern so you can go as crazy as you want (as long as the breed permit it) !

  • @Levi-Rosenthal
    Awesome! I'll mark you down and work on something a little later for you! :D

  • I love her thanks! I probably will end up missing stuff so I’ll download her later and see what I need :) I’ll send over my email and the money in a bit :blush:

  • @Imogen-Brooks
    Yup! Only 1,000 :)

  • Blind Import - Mid-Level Coat
    Username: Eric Varnheim
    Breed: Icelandic
    Gender: Stallion
    Disliked Colors: Palomino
    Favorite Colors: Something special, unusual, flashy (silver, dun, cream) and splashed white :blush: You can create whatever comes up in your mind, as long as it is permitted in icelandic horses. I'm so exited to see the result! :blush:

  • Blind Import Flashy Coats

    Username: Hedwig Johnson
    Breed: APH
    Gender: surprise
    Disliked Colors: I think I like everything (not that much cream colours)
    Favorite Colors: haven’t a fav xD
    Blind Import Basic Coats (socks are possible?)
    Username: Hedwig Johnson
    Breed: Hanno
    Gender: Mare
    Disliked Colors: for that breed please not to large face marking and not to high leg markings
    Favorite Colors: /

    Just applied for two hope that is okay ❤️

    PS i already payed ❤️

  • @Hediwg-Johnson @Eric-Varnheim
    I'll be starting on them soon! :D

  • Blind Basic Import
    Username: Addelle Watson
    Breed: AQH
    Gender: Surprise me :slight_smile:
    Disliked Colors: Roan, Black
    Favorite Colors: Sooty, Bay dun (But any dun is Ok)

  • @Addelle-Watson @Hediwg-Johnson @Eric-Varnheim @Levi-Rosenthal
    Just wanted to give a small update! My fiance and I are taking a short 2 day vacation! Imports will be slow but once I get back should take me only a day or two to finish them up! I already have some templates started just need to get the coats/tack together! :D

  • Reference Import
    Username: Porsha Hunt
    Horse Name: Patches
    Horse Gender: Stallion
    Image Links:
    Any Additional Info:

  • @Bailey-Nova said in Silver Star Imports! {Open!}:

    a short 2 day vacation

    Are there any updates :)? Was wondering a bit cause the money I have sent is accepted ^-^

  • @Hediwg-Johnson
    Ah hello there! I'm actually starting my game now! :) We were gone a bit longer then expected then I had work but they shall be done shortly! (At least get one or two done today)

  • Hello everyone! I want to apologize yet again, I had some things come up irl and ended up being away for far longer then I thought.

    If anyone wants to cancel their request let me know, however it should only be a day or two for everyone to get there imports and as an apology I would like to create custom markings for each import aswell. Again I'm terribly sorry. :)

  • @Bailey-Nova Any update on these?

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