[ENDED] Old horse profiles sale/ recreated horses!

  • My First/Old reclaimed horses are for sale now!

    Well, I was a bit over excited to have my 7 horses from the beginning back. I was so freaking happy that I forgot that they have been registered already with 2.0 and therefore got carried over to here. So I am not able to change their profiles sadly. But there might be people out there who want these horses, so I'll give them a chance.

    Here's the deal: I dont have any of their files anymore, so I am selling only their profiles and you can feel free to recreate them with what their profiles give. If we reac a certain amount of price I am willing though to recreate the horse myself with custom markings for the two paint horses and I will send them to the new owner.
    So dont be irritated by the cheam startbid, thats ONLY the profile atm, for every horse there is a "recreation" proce, if thats reached I will recreate it and then its the whole profile+horsefiles you will get.


    21470 OCS Flashing Blues APH Mare buckskin tobiano
    21518 OCS Lady Lil' Chec AQH Mare bay
    21519 OCS Star In The Darkness AQH Mare black
    21520 OCS Red Robine AQH Mare sorrel
    21577 OCS Donna Shadow AQH Mare grullo min. sabino
    21578 OCS Pep N' Whiz APH Stallion bay tovero
    21579 OCS Silver Light AQH Stallion silver dapple seal brown


    • if I didnt recreate the horse there are no rules, feel free to do whatever you want with that profile!
    • If its recreated:
    • do not change coat color, mane/tail color (if you are missing certain markings feel free to patch it up to look as close as possible, I am not picky)
    • do not put for download (coat, marking, conformation, complete horse)
    • do not use the conformation as template (except offspring creating)
    • you may change their show and barn names (also via horse change form because they are registered) as I am not really liking themy myself either xD
    • do not remove my prefix (OCS), do not add your prefix
    • you are allowed to: add shine/shade markings, winter coat, detail markings
    • you are allowed to: alter belly sliders (pregnancy aswell as different health/feeding conditions), height sliders (to fit your ingame sizes)
    • I am not picky about regular updates, I like to see my horses active but its up to you on how regular (pweeease tag me at pictures ;))
    • Please tell me if you are going to resell the horse, I#d like to know where my horses go.
    • For inactivity: if you tell me its fine, if the owner gets inactive longer than half a year I will take the horse back.

    *The two Paint horses and the sabino mare (when recreation price is reached) will come with a custom marking made by me!


    OCS Flashing Blues $1 500 $12 000 $3 000 Cristyne Westwood
    OCS Lady Lil' Chec $1 500 $7 500 SB Lindsey Warren
    OCS Star In The Darkness $1 500 $7 500 SB Lindsey Warren
    OCS Red Robine $1 500 $7 500 $2 500 Marquis Moulin
    OCS Donna Shadow $1 500 $10 000 $2 500 Marquis Moulin
    OCS Pep N' Whiz $1 500 $12 000 $2 000 Breanna Fahnestock
    OCS Silver Light $1 500 $7 500 SB Lindsey Warren

  • SB on all :sweat_smile:

  • :D Accepted! xD

  • $3k on OCS Flashing Blues

  • $2500 on OCS Donna Shadow and OCS Red Robine

  • 2,000 on OCS Pep N' Whiz

  • All accepted.

  • CONGRATS to the winners!

    1500 for OCS Lady Lil Chec
    1500 for OCS Star In The Darkness
    1500 for OCS Silver Light

    3000 for OCS Flashing Blues

    2500 for OCS Red Robine
    2500 for OCS Donna Shadow

    2000 for OCS Pep N' Whiz

    When payment is sent I will get the Profiles over to their new owners! ;)

  • Oh sweet!! I’ll send payments as soon as I can!

  • Thank you! Sending payment <3

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