[WANTED] New Blood

  • PR Committee

    It's come to my attention that my breeding options are becoming very limited as my stallions are vastly outnumbered by my mares. I've decided to take a look at what some of the community has to offer. My criteria is pretty strict because I'm looking for horses that meet the standards of the current horses in my facility. Please do not be upset if I turn down an offer!

    What I'm Looking For:

    • Warmbloods, Arabians, or Thoroughbreds
    • Active in Eventing, Dressage, or Show Jumping
    • 2nd Gen or Higher, may consider Imports from the right people
    • Color is highly preferred as I'm a color breeder
    • Breeds that have many outcross possibilities.
    • I'm mostly looking to buy but will consider some breedings! Sales and Breedings now considered equally.

    Please remember I am a full time college student and a part time employee. I have a life. So I can't take on horses that need to have constant updates at this time, but rest assured I'll most likely be showing horses all over slack on any given day.

    Please DM me here or on Slack or post below if you have anything to show me!

  • Breed Committee

    If you are looking for breedings I can certainly help out there. Have a few nice Eventing Arabs I'm happy to breed foals from or allow BIYs from.

  • PR Committee

    @Lythaera-Bohm I'm mostly looking for horses to purchase (I've updated the first post to mention that, oops) but I'd be happy to see what you have!

  • PR Committee

    I have some horses for sale I just posted! None are second gen but they do have a lot of color and are competing in the disciplines you want!

  • You are always welcome to my horses for breedings :) may have some youngsters for sale soon too

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