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    I’ve done a few little custom shirts and custom saddle pads privately with pictures and logos, and I actually quite enjoy it. But seeing a few people talk about said tasks and having troubles, I thought better more open up a service for it. Remember this is NOT a retexturing service (well.....) for creating new textures of objects you desire, it is simply adding desired pictures/logos/symbols to tack and apparel for the members needs.

    Here you can request your own customised tack and apparel for your stable with an easy and fast application process which will ship your new items over within no time. Request for logos and stable symbols are more common to be added, but I’m quite capable and willing to add any image you are able to provide (remember not to take anyone else’s work without permission and further approval).

    Pricing may be high, but for the time and effort put in its fairly reasonable. Also to the point that one saddle pad doesn’t mean just ONE saddle pad. You can use that customised pad on however many horses you want, or use one customised shirt on all stable staff. This service isn’t to make a massive profit, but to be able to help those members who aren’t able to make their game/stable as unique as they’d like, or for those who simply just want a customised shirt or pad!


    • Money must be sent before files are given out. Just for reasons I’ve had my bad experiences in the past, and this work isn’t just handed to you on a plate.
    • Are able to provide a clear .PNG format of your desired image/s.
    • Feel free to use it as you wish! Put it on as many sims and horses as you’d like!
    • Feel free to @ me in your blogs so I can see them in use!
    • Recolour them as much or as brightly as you’d like!


    • I doubt people will, but please do not distribute this work that you have applied for. You have applied for and I have created stuff for you personally.
    • Do not edit these pads, or tweak. I know that’s a very harsh and strict rule, but please do let me know if you have any concerns or changes to your work in which I myself will fullfil. I hate people fiddling and changing things I have made to make it their own creation - take credit for.
    • Be patient and polite. I don’t cope well under stress (don’t think anyone does), and so this is going to be a stress free service with a waiting list as I will be focusing on one order at a time.

    Application Requirements

    I do not have a form as an application. If you wish to order, please message me and you may apply more than one thing in an order.
    Once you receive your items and wish to apply for more, your order will be put on the waiting list of people that have ordered beforehand. If no one is on the waiting list your order will be started on.
    You may cancel your order at anytime, so before you apply please make sure this is what you want and make sure you have the money for it. It can be frustrating getting half way through and having it cancelled.

    “The early bird gets the worm”
    I will look at the times people message me to tell who comes first. Please do not get annoyed if you are added to the waiting list.


    This is the current document, it only has names. I have a separate document for holding items, pictures and total prices so I don’t lose your order.

    Our Current Offerings

    Please note and remember that things may be added and or removed at any time.

    Horse Tack:

    • Show Jumping Pad - 5k each
    • Dressage Pad - 5k each


    Sim Apparel:

    • Polo shirt - 8k each
    • Hoodie - 9k

  • As much as I really want customised pads and shirts, my logo probably wouldn't show up well :(

    Would you consider doing stable signs as well? Not name plates, but the kind signs you'd see as you come up the drive?

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