Perseids Tears | 18-03-18

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    <<The name is derived in part from the word Perseidai , Περσείδαι, a term found in Greek mythology referring to the sons of Perseus.>>

    Hello! here's where i'll be keeping updates of everything surrounding our barn. Perseids Tears is intented to be a show barn and also a place to form future competitive riders and horses. Things aren't always peaceful around here but that's what keeps it interesting (: xx

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  • Can't wait to see some updates then :D

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    I present to you some of the members of Perseid Tears (: , these are Theresa, the light blue haired girl, Val, the guy, and Athena, the blonde. They've been best friends for the longest time, and they are usually the first ones to get to the barn in the morning. Theresa first met Athena while they were both training their horses in the arena, when one almost hit the other, Theresa said some not-so-friendly words to her, but she later apologized for it and invited the blonde to grab a cup of coffee, and so the found out that Athena was a sweetheart. Val came after and was introduced to them in a more friendly way with less curses and bad words in between. They usually get to grab some coffee before the day at the barn starts.

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    Founding mare, brazilian sport horse (:

    My tablet is broken right now so i can't really edit out my photos, but i wanted to show her off a little ♥

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  • More Val pls.

  • Lovely stable :) Excited to see more of Starshopping too!

  • @Dimitri-Dane hehe! your wishes are my command x
    @Carli-Mae-Hedegaard thank you so much!!x

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    Starshopping is Val's horse. She's pretty shy and reserved, and it took him some time to work correctly with her, also learned the hard way she didn't like crops. To this day she's still hard to tack up; she usually holds her air while being girthed up, but once Val got to know her better he found out she's a cutie who actually loves getting pet and snuggled and loves to play with other horses. Her fav treat is sweet potatoes. xx

    I still don't have my tablet so i can't edit that much, but i expect to get it fixed soon. x

  • Yes yes yes thank you for this gift

  • @Dimitri-Dane <3 you're most welcome

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    This is LEC Zara, by @Ola-Urban . Athena's most recent import. We'll be doing a nice photoshoot of her soon :)

  • Welcome in new home :)

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    Angel, the main groom of the barn (:

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