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    Registered Horses: 70
    Unregistered Horses: 4
    Leased Horses: 6
    Stallions: 30 | Geldings: 5 | Mares: 35
    Combined Driving: 9 | Dressage: 17 | Eventing: 25 | Field Hunting: 14 | Halter: 1 | Hunter Paces: 10 | Pony Show Hunter: 3 | Pony Show Jumping: 1 | Show Hunter: 13 | Show Jumper: 13 | TREC: 1 |
    Montréavila Valley is home to the Ioke Lake Equestrian Centre, and Ioke Lake Kennels and hunting grounds.

    Table of Contents Date
    Horses & Ponies 31/01/2017
    Ladies Who Lunch! 31/01/2017
    Foals! 21/04/2017

  • Ioke Lake Horses
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam Discipline
    Ioke's Double Decker British Warmblood Stallion Black - - Show Hunting
    SAEC Northbound Sparks British Sports Horse Mare Bay Blanket - - Dressage
    SAEC Taragon Grand Fantasy British Sport Horse Stallion Chestnut Blanket - - Show Jumping
    Ioke's Dash and Sabre Canadian Sport Horse Mare Palomino - - Eventing
    Ioke's Captain Serious Canadian Sport Horse Stallion Seal Brown - - Eventing
    Michonne NC Holsteiner Mare Dapple Bay - - Eventing
    MSE Sly Ruse (T) Trakehner Stallion Sooty Bay - - Eventing
    Sovereign's Crimson Rose Thoroughbred Mare Chestnut - - Eventing
    Ioke's Fourthline Fallback Canadian Sport Horse Gelding Flaxen Chesnut - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Carter Seven British Warmblood Gelding Bay - - Show Hunter
    WSLW Xscape Hanoverian Stallion Bay - - Show Jumping
    Ioke's Sunset Juliette British Warmblood Mare Grey - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Show Me First British Warmblood Stallion Chestnut - - Dressage
    Ioke's Hallow Hawk British Warmblood Mare Bay - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Maze Runner British Warmblood Stallion Chestnut - - TREC
    Ioke's Mockingjay Trakehner Mare Black - - Eventing
    HDFF Monopoly British Warmblood Gelding Blood Bay - - Show Jumping
    Saabah NC Holsteiner Mare Dapple Bay - - Halter
    Ioke's Diamond Dancer British Sport Horse Mare Black Blanket - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Matter of Mayhem Trakehner Stallion Bay - - Eventing
    Ioke's Xerxes Hanoverian Stallion Bay - - Show Jumping
    Ioke's Foxfire Canadian Sport Horse Mare Buckskin - - Eventing
    WVS Celebrindal Finnish Warmblood Stallion Bay - - Eventing
    Ioke's Aviata Canadian Sport Horse Mare Bay - - Eventing
    Rohirrim's Lucky Charm Finnish Warmblood Mare Red Dun - - Eventing
    Alexander NC Trakehner Stallion Black - - Eventing
    Harlow's Chasing Life British Warmblood Gelding Red Roan Sabino - - Show Jumping
    Grey Mist Dà Ruadhail Thoroughbred Stallion Dapple Grey - - Eventing
    S.S Fantastic Four British Warmblood Stallion Bay - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Dreamer's Revenge Appaloosa Mare Classic Cream Champagne Blanket - - Show Hunter
    Ioke's Cinammon Nevarra Clydesdale Mare Bay Sabino - - Dressage
    Rosethorn Dà Ruadhail Hanoverian Mare Dapple Grey - - Dressage
    RDEC Indominus KWPN Stallion Dapple Grey - - Eventing

    Ioke Lake Ponies
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam Discipline
    Carina's Miss Sixty Swedish Riding Pony Mare Dapple Grey - -
    Carina's Northlight Rhythm Fell Pony Mare Black - -
    Carina's Northlight Rhyme Fell Pony Mare Bay - -
    Twin Oaks' April Dales Pony Mare Black - -
    Twin Oaks' Primrose Dales Pony Mare Grey - -
    RDEC Lleia Welsh Mountain Pony Mare - - -
    Amity PBA Chincoteague Mare - - -
    Ringo PBA Chincoteague Stallion - - -
    Santa Claus PBA Shetland Gelding - - -
    Carina's Boötes British Riding Pony Mare - - -
    Carina's Camelopardalis British Riding Pony Stallion - - -
    Carina's Eridanus Swedish Riding Pony Mare - - -
    Angelfire PBA British Riding Pony Mare - - -
    Stag Hill's Enigma Chincoteague Mare Palomino - -
    Carina's Dauntless Chincoteague Mare - - -
    Carina's Rogue Chincoteague Mare - - -
    Carina's Allegiant Chincoteague Mare - - -

  • Box of Letters

    2056 - in the attic of a flourishing stable in Canada, a dusty box is found covered by old rugs, blankets, and bridles. When the lid is popped, there are letters, pictures, anecdotes and more, buried beneath a worn folder of horse records and information. These are those memories.

  • Lucy, the last descendant in a long line of Kane's digs into the box with gusto; she's surrounded by pictures, documents, vet reports and paraphanalia from decades worth of stable management. She can't believe there's such a wealth of information, such a wealth of memories that she's brought to tears searching through. As she looks, crumpled in the bottom of the box, there's a curling yellow note stuck to a fading photograph. Prying the photo free from the sticky note, Lucy can see smudged ink. Smiling at the scrawled words, she takes a look at the picture, rubbing her thumb over some of the mares.

    "What beautiful horses," she says. There's nobody to hear her, but that doesn't matter. She slides back against the wall, flips the photograph over. Notes reveal that the picture depicted some of the older ladies of Ioke Lake spending time at the water trough. Apparently water cooler talk was their activity of choice! <-

    Mother's meeting in the Retirement fields :wink[;)]:

    Cinnamon, Saabah, Adamant & Hummingbird

    <scribbled notes on the back of photo>
    Ioke's Cinnamon Nevarra, Saabah NC, JFE Hummingbird, & RFE Adamant Destiny hanging out in the retirement fields! To be fair, Cinnamon isn't yet retired, but she gets on so well with Saabah that we couldn't bring ourselves to seperate them

  • finally back after so long away ;_; reinstalled my game three times and it's finally working, she says tentatively!

  • April 2016 - April 2017
    Andrea Shaw, stable manager and long time lover of all things horses, leaned on the fence, admiring both mother and foal. It had been a long time since Hawk had been allowed some downtime from competition, and though the prospect of getting her back in shape for training was daunting, Andrea couldn't wait. Until then, at least she could admire the product of Hawk and prominent stallion Decker.


    Ioke's Hallow Hawk and her colt, Ioke's Deal Me In

    In a field not far away, Siri was keeping her distance from new mother Diamond. Though both mare and foal had been playing all morning, Diamond was a protective mother and Siri knew better than to disturb her unnecessarily. Besides, she reasoned, why interrupt a bonding moment?

    Diamond and Widow

    Ioke's Diamond Dancer and her filly, Ioke's Black Widow

    this is the first time i've actually been in game and been able to take pictures for ever. i'm trying to get better with this but who knows. hopefully i can get back into the swing of this!

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