[DONE] AQH Stallion for show and breeding!

  • American Quarter Horse Stallion WANTED!

    Hey there.
    Otter Creek Stables is looking for a new Quarter Horse prospect to compete and breed with.
    I am looking for a stallion that is either promising future competitor for Reining and Ranch Versatility (definetly wanting Reining, if its possible Ranch Versatility but I also go with Western Pleasure or Western Trail to fit my Ranches focus), or already succesful competing in these disciplines.

    This stallion WILL be stud at our ranch to get our AQH line continued (so no APH stallions, I already have one, I am looking for a solid colored AQH), but he will also be actively shown and competing as he will be added to my story! (Atm I only have 8 horses, 7 mares and one stallion and I tend to have fewer horses to make sure I can feature them all regulary) I prefer pedigree horses before foundations/imports.

    Willing to pay good, everything is negotiable.
    I'd love to see some photos and infos, either here or per direct message.

    Gretings, Kody Böhming!

  • I just could offer you a breeding out of Paints, if that’d be interesting too

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    I could breed you one from possibly several pairs I have.

    Option 1: HMR Fool's Destiny x RL Arkantos' Golden Diamond
    Either chestnut or palomino, with +10 in Ranch Versatility and +18 in Reining.

    Option 2: HMR Fool's Destiny x WS Dun by a Rebel WC
    Either chestnut or red dun, with +7 in Ranch Versatility, +14 in Reining and +1 in Cutting

    Option 3: HMR Fool's Destiny x LCR So Dry So Cool
    Either chestnut or gray(chestnut) , with +7 in Ranch Versatility, +14 in Reining and +3 in Western Pleasure

    Option 4: HMR Fool's Destiny x LR/MRR Buccaneer's Bee
    Can be red dun, dun or grullo , with +7 in Ranch Versatility, +15 in Reining and +3 in Western Trail

    Option 5: HMR Fool's Destiny x DRE Pray for Diamonds
    Can be black, bay, smokey black or buckskin with sooty being a possible add on gene , with +7 in Ranch Versatility, +12 in Reining

    Option 6: HMR Leviathan x RL Arkantos' Golden Diamond
    Can be black, blue roan, smokey black or smokey black roan, with +3 in Ranch Versatility, +11 in Reining and +2 Western Pleasure.

    I do also have some pairs that would more focus on WP and WT if you wanted that.

  • I have a few stallions on offer. However, without success. Maybe it's still interesting for you and you look in. :3

  • @Blake-Bellanaris OMG that Option 6 smokey black roan totally got my interest. I'm on phone right now but I will most likely contact you for that tomorrow about what your prices would be! :heart_eyes:

    @Francesca-Díaz Cant Open that link, it says "the publication is not available".

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