Gestüt Gut Rosentaal

  • Arab gelding Aladdin of Rivendell with Sophie.

    Bild screenshot-3346ffl.png auf

  • Mare Foal Landina

    ( Shakira x Cascadeur )

    Bild shakiraxcascadeurlandmccih.png auf

    Mare Foal Pretty Girl

    ( Florica x Connection )

    Bild floricaxconnectionpre5uees.png auf

    Arabian Mare Foal GGR Juhma bint Nadir an Tsaoir

    ( Anisa x Nadir )

    Bild ggrjuhmabintnadirants0ad6w.png auf

  • Stallion Foal Lordanos

    ( Deichgräfin x Samun )

    Bild deichgrfinxsamunlordakxd4o.png auf

    Stallion Foal Grandorado

    ( Litien x Bondfire )

    Bild lithienxbondfiregrandwkdt4.png auf

    Young Stallion MFS GGR Qube

    ( MFS / GGR Ginger x MFS Cool Eclipse )

    Bild mfsggrqube5fczo.png auf

    Arabian Stallion Foal GGR I'Tidal ibn Tulu Esh Shems an Tsaoir

    ( Estrella x Tulu Esh Shems )

    Bild ggritidalibntulueshsh7kf81.png auf

  • So you love now we have the last 2 foals
    get from the Holsteiner breed.

    There are one mare and one stallion each.

    Felissima vom Weidenhof GGR

    Aus der: Casablanca vom Weidenhof

    Von: No even Matter
    Bild casablancanoevenmatteaac73.png auf

    Davinci vom Weidenhof GGR

    Aus der: Arabella Queen

    Von: Fabricio
    Bild arabellaqueenfabricioeuict.png auf

    And how do you like the 2 sweet * _ *?

  • New arrival to Arabian stallion Salvatore's Sakarías he is 6 years old and a sorrel with Sabino pecking

    Bild salvatoressakarass8crq.png auf

  • Our five on the eventing tournament.

    Bild dennisundblackdiamonda7e35.png auf
    Bild screenshot-4lafeh.png auf
    Bild screenshot-95yf6q.png auf
    Bild screenshot-12cmdgo.png auf
    Bild screenshot-15eyi22.png auf

  • Hello you,
    I'll get back to you after a long time, unfortunately
    I was sick the last days why nothing came.

    I have not made it to a new picture, but what is coming now
    you do not know her yet.

    With this send picture I take on the calendar of Quiterfield (Instagram)

    You can see our boys Holsteiner mares.


    Bild screenshot-6wgf8d.png auf

    Felissima vom Weidenhof GGR, Flieder Gold RSR, Landina vom Weidenhof GGR, Pretty Girl vom Weidenhof GGR, Quintana vom Weidenhof GGR

  • 2 of our beautiful arab mares in the desert. <3

    Image 1:
    Sophie and GGR Taliba

    Picture 2:
    Holmgard's Ruqayyah ( @Charlie-Smith )

    Bild screenshot-3b4c27.png auf

    Bild screenshot-9bwech.png auf

  • Our 2 nonskills <3
    The two are just so great.

    It is always interesting to watch the two xD

    Bild screenshot-8wxf9c.png auf

  • May I introduce my new foal to you * _ *

    This is filly Swanlake's Farsáli GGR.
    Her father is SHC Fireheart of Adriana Laubach.

    Mother is from our possession GF / GGR Fair Maiden
    a collaboration with Gestüt Gut Felsenrose.

    Bild screenshot-3njiyi.png auf

  • Such a sweet filly! Your editing is lovely.

  • @Clementine-Laake said in Gestüt Gut Rosentaal:

    Such a sweet filly! Your editing is lovely.

    Yes that is her.

    Many Thanks. :)

  • 4 new tournament pictures plus a new horse.

    Sinfonie and Dennis

    Bild screenshot-4g2cl2.png auf

    Quintana and Sophie

    Bild screenshot-8cwfv8.png auf

    Lamis and Sophie

    Bild screenshot-12fpi03.png auf

    Dennis and Abdal

    Bild screenshot-169fefa.png auf

    Triviant Z and Dennis
    Bild screenshot-4273dmp.png auf

  • Wow! That first picture is just stunning, love the horse and the arena! :heart:

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia said in Gestüt Gut Rosentaal:

    Wow! That first picture is just stunning, love the horse and the arena!

    Many Thanks :)
    This is one of our Holsteiner offspring.
    The arena was a goblin gift I think she is also totally great * _ *

  • After a long time some pictures for you :)

    Unfortunately I have immoment so much on the note why the album and the editing one
    not too short.

    I hope that will be soon as soon as the website is finished it will be quieter again but until then
    it still takes: /

    Nevertheless, I have here 3 pictures for you :)

    Bild screenshot-5l8j4j.png auf

    2 new Arab babies <3

    Bild screenshot-25ik2y.png auf

    And since not only horses can come, of course
    sometimes some go.

    This is Felissima she is from a common breed with Penelope Maier and
    we will not lose sight of her.

    Bild screenshot-18syj4t.png auf

  • Oh my gosh that first picture is amazing! Couldn’t stop looking at it :heart: your editing is unreal!

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia
    Thank you very much I am always happy to hear that you like the pictures :)

  • Since today was a bit of time again, I could sit down to 2 pictures.

    From now on it's time to go back to the website: p

    I'm glad when it is finally finished and then I still like it xD

    So here are my 2 pictures

    Bild screenshot-6ymjyd.png auf

    Salvatore's Sakarias, our wonderful and chic stallion, has his 5 minutes in the snow.

    Is not he great * _ *?

    Bild screenshot-44objsk.png auf

    Another baby alarm and 2 will follow * _ *

    Here we have another Arab
    this is our little GF GGR Dwalin ibn Legolas <3

  • How is this beautiful mare called? :heart_eyes:

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