Gestüt Gut Rosentaal

  • Also with the Shetty's there is news * _ *

    A few days ago there was the first own offspring it is a mare and a stallion came out at * _ *

    Are you looking at them, are not they cute <3?

    Bild screenshot-6mjjds.png auf

    ( Mother's : (L) Hellström's Rapunzel (R) Hellström's Cinderella )
    ( Father's : Hellström's Max )
    ( Foal's : (L) GGR Lupina (R) GGR Paul )

  • That last picture is so cute :)

  • LOVELY!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Another newcomer arrived a few weeks ago.

    It is a Holstein mare she hears the name Dinara vom Adlerhof
    and will support us after their training in the eventing team.

    Bild screenshot-3r9jgg.png auf

  • She's very elegant :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea
    oh yes that's her and has a lot of energy

  • <3 Mustang Makeover 2019 <3

    Tag 4862 is definitely looking for a name she is a mare and very complicated character.
    Do you have a name that could describe you well?

    Bild screenshot-22vk4m.png auf

  • A worm was born * _ *

    Yes, actually no foals were planned for this season, at least not for us ..

    However, we have a little surprise for the lovely Penelope Maier
    We already have so many great horses and also common foals that I just go
    wanted to say thank you <3

    She is really a great partner site and also breeding community :)

    Bild screenshot-2lxj82.png auf

    The little one hears the name GGR Cascarina and hopefully will support you later in the eventing team :)


    from the: PRC Deichgräfin
    from the: unknown
    from: unknown

    from: GD Calimero Royal
    from the: DG Navara
    from: GD Carinjo

  • how cuuute :heart_eyes:
    all the best to her! Her mom looks super cute too :D

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Gestüt Gut Rosentaal:

    how cuuute
    all the best to her! Her mom looks super cute too

    yes they are both incredibly pretty * _ * she looked forward to a happy xD

  • Bild screenshot-4233k4q.png auf

    A new tournament image for Insta * _ *

    Swanlake's Fakir GGR and Sophie take part in an A jumping :)

  • Your tails are to die for! :O

  • @Therese-Evans Thank you so much that I am getting better🙈

  • A beautiful new addition enriches our stud from now on * _ *

    He comes from @Jasmine-Wilkinson

    Among other things, Domino, Ruqayyah and Lujayn all come from purebred Arabians.

    But our new entry is a different kind of Arabian and he is one of the Anglo Arabs :)


    Ginza S
    b 4.14
    1.42 m

    and will actively support us in dressage and breeding.

    Bild screenshot-42qvjam.png auf

    from the second picture is a foal jumping foal
    this will hopefully be with Bryan O'Kelly
    to provide support.

    Bild screenshot-24yj1u.png auf

  • Our new picture shows young stallion RGH / GGR Pimkie the
    participated in a black screen shoot :)

    If you want to see how it all came about, check out Youtube.

    Bild unbenannt-1erfvzjid.png auf

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