Gestüt Gut Rosentaal

  • <3 Mustang Makeover 2019 <3

    Tag 4862 is definitely looking for a name she is a mare and very complicated character.
    Do you have a name that could describe you well?

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  • A worm was born * _ *

    Yes, actually no foals were planned for this season, at least not for us ..

    However, we have a little surprise for the lovely Penelope Maier
    We already have so many great horses and also common foals that I just go
    wanted to say thank you <3

    She is really a great partner site and also breeding community :)

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    The little one hears the name GGR Cascarina and hopefully will support you later in the eventing team :)


    from the: PRC Deichgräfin
    from the: unknown
    from: unknown

    from: GD Calimero Royal
    from the: DG Navara
    from: GD Carinjo

  • how cuuute :heart_eyes:
    all the best to her! Her mom looks super cute too :D

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Gestüt Gut Rosentaal:

    how cuuute
    all the best to her! Her mom looks super cute too

    yes they are both incredibly pretty * _ * she looked forward to a happy xD

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    A new tournament image for Insta * _ *

    Swanlake's Fakir GGR and Sophie take part in an A jumping :)

  • Your tails are to die for! :O

  • @Therese-Evans Thank you so much that I am getting better🙈

  • A beautiful new addition enriches our stud from now on * _ *

    He comes from @Jasmine-Wilkinson

    Among other things, Domino, Ruqayyah and Lujayn all come from purebred Arabians.

    But our new entry is a different kind of Arabian and he is one of the Anglo Arabs :)


    Ginza S
    b 4.14
    1.42 m

    and will actively support us in dressage and breeding.

    Bild screenshot-42qvjam.png auf

    from the second picture is a foal jumping foal
    this will hopefully be with Bryan O'Kelly
    to provide support.

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  • Our new picture shows young stallion RGH / GGR Pimkie the
    participated in a black screen shoot :)

    If you want to see how it all came about, check out Youtube.

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  • New Pictures _

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  • Your editing style is so soft and smooth :heart_eyes: I love how well it matches with the foals especially, what breed are they? and please look away so I can take those two cuties home :heart:

  • yeah more updates :D I love the pic with your chestnuts <3 they look so smooth.
    the foals are to die for too! there is a really nice tone to your pictures!

  • @Shea-Hamilton said in Gestüt Gut Rosentaal:

    Your editing style is so soft and smooth I love how well it matches with the foals especially, what breed are they? and please look away so I can take those two cuties home

    The two are Holsteiner a stallion and a mare live dont live with me was a breeding order :$

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you, I have recently begun to work on the coat a little and so far I like it really well :)

  • Goodbye

    Yes, this word is not always easy ...
    Unfortunately today we had to meet our beloved Holsteiner stallion Black Diamond
    saying goodbye.

    In the early afternoon we had to call the vet of us unfortunately
    but could still convey the sad news that he had ache
    and we should make a decision because Blacki is now too
    no longer the youngest and we no longer trust him an operation
    With a heavy heart we decided to put him to sleep.

    He now gallops across the Rainbow Bridge and enjoys the
    always green pastures and the nice weather.

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  • New entry Canastera vom Adlerhof * _ *

    We are so proud to have this wonderful mare on our stud.

    She is not only a dream color but also her character is unique.
    The cooperation is always a great experience.

    We hope she will have a great career here on Cavallus and bring great offspring.

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  • Today I have 2 unedited pictures for you :)

    I tried to get all offspring from the last season on a picture xD

    Now that you see them all, you already think you are many: S
    And especially everything just stallions except for a mare on the far left xD

    On the second picture you can see the 2 Shetty offspring actually they had over
    Instagram already a new home but unfortunately they were given back why they live with us again :)

    Bild waronesschaplinrobinhowkty.jpg auf

    RGH / GGR Waroness
    2019 geboren
    1,68 m groß
    Ellie Burton

    aus der: GGR Landina vom Weidenhof
    von: LEC Wallance

    RGH / GGR Chaplin
    2019 geboren
    1,72 m groß
    Ellie Burton

    aus der: GGR Quintana vom Weidenhof
    von: Charly Brown vom Adlerhof

    SES Robin Hood
    2019 geboren
    Brauner mit minimal Scheckung
    1,73 m groß
    Springen, Dressur
    Sarah Anderson

    aus der: GGR Ginger vom Lindenhof
    von: SES Raccoon

    Carthago vom Weidenhof
    2019 geboren
    1,78 m groß
    Penelope Maier

    aus der: Kismet vom Weidenhof
    von: Cascadeur vom Weidenhof

    Lavalino vom Weidenhof
    2019 geboren
    1,79 m groß
    Penelope Maier

    aus der: CHC / WH Ingima
    von: No even Matter vom Weidenhof

    GGR Faszination vom Finsterwald
    2019 geboren
    1,71 m groß
    Gestüt Finsterwald

    aus der: Casablanca vom Weidehof
    von: Fertissimo vom Weidenhof

    GGR / AVM Samy de Luxe
    2019 geboren
    1,69 m groß
    Bryan O'Kelley

    aus der: GGR Malina vom Lindenhof
    von: Skyfall

    GD / GGR Saludos
    2019 geboren
    1,71 m groß
    Gestüt Dorotheenthal

    aus der: GD / GGR Arabella Queen
    von: GD Secret of Love

    GGR Levano vom Adlerhof
    2019 geboren
    Brauner mit Gulastra Pluma
    1,73 m groß
    Dressur, Springen
    Laura Graf

    aus der: Swanlake's Florica
    von: Limited Edition vom Adlerhof

    RGH / GGR Calando
    2019 geboren
    1,70 m groß
    Ellie Burton

    aus der: Swanlake's Fasásli GGR
    von: RGH Ciel E´toile

    Bild ggrlupinaggrpaulx5j01.jpg auf

    GGR Lupina
    2019 geboren
    1,10 m groß
    Springen, Dressur
    Sophie Finster

    aus der: Hellström's Rapunzel
    von: Hellström's Max

    GGR Paul
    2019 geboren
    1,14 m groß
    Cross Country
    Sophie Finster

    aus der: Hellström's Cinderella
    von: Hellström's Max

  • Black Arab Beauty * _ *

    GGR Shabir is not he a dream <3?

    Bild shabir1l7kap.png auf

  • He really is holy moly!! :O Your editing is goals <3

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