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    Welcome to that federation. This federation will host eventing shows, it will be a club just for eventing. I have so much ideas for picture competitions so I could not resist and thought, why not open up a club for eventing.


    We will host eventing competitions. From competitions with different phases over partner competitions to "training" competitions.


    Our membership is a bit different. You are allowed to compete without being a member of that club, sure. If you want to earn points, you can register your rider below. We have club points for our riders we dont give points to our horses. If you want, you can join or Slack-Channel!


    Of course your rider get club points by joining a competition. They are also able to get title ribbons and winning trophies etc. Your horses are able to get competition ribbons. For some competitions we will give ribbon for our horses out. Getting points etc is not needed you also can compete in our shows without being a member of our federation!


    As you have read up to that registration, we register our rider at that club not our horses. We want to focus a bit more at the talent and angagement of the riders. You dont need to register anything, you can join that challenge without any registrations. With registering your rider you automatically join the ranking!
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    See the registred riders


    Member Role
    Hedwig Johnson Founder, Head Judge, Show Hoster
    Blake Bellanaris Judge and show hoster
    Hiring Judge
    Hiring Judge
    Hiring Judge

    apply for the management role here

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    titles and points

    You can get ribbons and points for your rider!

    Title name needed points Ribbon
    New Bee 25pts + X
    Favourite 45 pts + X
    Supreme 70pts + X
    Premium 90pts + X
    Elite 125pts + X


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    Our title ribbons, can be downloaded in the title table!

    Our accepted member button

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    challenges and events

    We will list our shows here

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