[Chatter] Cavallo Rosso Challenge

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    Hi, what if the horse hasn't a main site yet but I want to send a picture with it?

  • Thats no problem, mainsite registration is not needed! We count riderpoints if you wanna get them you can register yourself with the club, but horse is not needed in any way :) @Hilda-Wilson

  • Similar to Hilda’s question, if I have a horse (that I plan on competing in Eventing) that doesn’t have a mainsite so is just in my game at the moment, do I need to make them a mainsite and register them in Eventing before I can enter the challenge? Or even if they do have a mainsite do they need to be discipline registered in order to enter? :)

  • @Charlie-Smith
    No you don’t need any registration for your horse ^_^ you can use a registered horse you have or you use a horse which is not at the main site or anywhere else :)

  • I am curious to the rule of a horse entering more then one class: If a horse is entering more then one must the horse be the same for all 3 entries or could the horse do Dressage and Show Jumping while another horse enters Cross Country? Or would all three stages have to be the same horse?

    Thank you ahead of time for your answer.

  • You can chose! @Monique-Varieur
    One user is allowed to have 3 entries, you can decide which spectrum you do in each entry!
    For example:

    Hedwig is competing with Winnie in Dressage and CC. (would be 1 entry, but 2 pics!)
    Helena is staring with Friedrich in Dressage. (would be the 2nd entry with just one pic!)
    At least Tim starts for CC, Show Jumping and Dressage with Maxwell. (would be the 3rd entry with 3 pics)

    So in that situation you would have 6 pics a 3 entries.

    You also can say you just do 2 ( 6 in total). pics for every entry or even 3 for all ( 9 in total) or even just one pic for every horse (3 in total).

    If you join all 3 disciplines with one horse, the pics will be sorted in the groupes of dressage, show jumping and cc anyways but your horse, since it has 3 pics has the chance of 3x to be placed 1st!

  • A bridle I want to use clips into my horse, I currently am not able to try to edit to fix it(nor would I feel confident entering fully into the edited class) would there be any negative repercussions on my entry due to the clipping?

  • Any news about results? :)

  • @Constantine-Vale

    We are working on! :)
    But sadly we were a bit more busy then it was planned ilr!
    But we give everything :D

  • @Hediwg-Johnson Thank you for your hard work :)

  • If our horses are not in the community voting did they not place?

  • @Monique-Varieur they are placed! They have just less then 95% of the whole judging :)

  • Hello! Just wondering when the prizes for this challenge will be sent out ? :) Thank you very much :)

  • Administrators

    @Cassie-James I'll have my part out soon! I apologize for the wait, I've been traveling for pretty much all of July and was doing work before then.

  • @Blake-Bellanaris No worries just wasn't sure if I'd been missed out or something haha :) Thank you, hope you've had fun traveling! :)

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