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    We are happy to open our blog with some great news. ASG Dragons Dogma, a big name in the world of show jumping, has hit the 500p in his discipline. As far as we know, there's no other horse with such an amount of points in a single discipline here on EC. The foundation stallion got raised by Bree and is her personal project. The pair started to compete one irl year after the move to the 2.0 forum - unknown but willing to work hard. They've climbed the leaderboard up to the #1 and placed in every traditional show jumping show they entered - including a few grand prix winnings. At the last grading show hosted by the WBA he got elite graded too.

    Dogma is one of the first horses I've created when I joined ES - or better, the only one I kept. Like every new member, I had a bit of a hard time to get to know other members at first. However, this didn't stop me from doing my thing. I wanted to challenge myself and start with an unknown foundation horse as main competitor. Sure, I could have bought a horse with pedigree and all, but hey, where's the fun? Dogma is still my dearest horse and I never bred another one that I like as much as him, it will probably never happen. So as long as I am around, he will be too (and hopefully, I'll be able to kick my ass and edit more pics of him because he deserves it). I'm proud about my little project and I never expected him to be this successful! Let's see how it goes on.

    PS: he's not for sale and not up for stud. I'm not planning to sell his foals and I'm not taking any requests. thanks : )

  • Wow congratulations on 500points! That's crazy!! He's very beautiful love his coat colour and his stomach dapples, he has a lovely head shape :heart: The background is so nice, the greens are so warm. Ugh I just love this picture so much, it's so simple yet so beautiful :heart:

  • Oh man I hope we can comment now! :D
    You know this but I have to say every time I see Dogma.. he's absolutely amazing! And such a lovely edit btw!!! I can't wait to see more!! :heart_eyes:

  • Competition Committee

    oh wow! congrats on the achievement, no doubt you are one of the most successful competitors on EC. Can't wait to see more updates from you. Your horses are truly something else!

  • Hon I'm so happy your blog is finally open :two_hearts: I have no words how much I have missed your photos and especially your beautiful horseys! Big hugs for Dogma for reaching such an incredible amount of points :balloon: Needless to say, the photo of him is pure perfection! Please spoil us more as soon us possible with your pretties! * hugs *

    PS. I'm glad you decided to go on with that title thingy, it looks amazing!

  • WOW Impressive story! Congratulation on that!

  • Congrats! I have a stud that is approacing the 400pt mark, so I know how excited you might be! :D

  • Wow, amazing horse! and the history :o , congrats!

  • Wow! What an achievement! He is so beautiful! I would love to see the unedited version of that head shot, your editing is incredible!

  • @Zinnia-Arvi : Thank you so much! I have to admit getting the headshape like this took me hours of tweaking and tons of makeovers. x ) I appreciate your kind words, makes me so happy to hear you love the picture. I was worried my skills would be gone completely because I haven't really edited anything during the last irl year.

    @Elaine-Rose : Yess it's finally open...just took me 10000 years as always. :snail: Thank you soo much.. and I hope you'll post new pictures in your blog soon too : D

    @Johanna-Masters : Shh stop making me blush, I never saw myself as "one of the best"... I'm just very patient (and stubborn too, so I don't give up that easily) Thank you so so much for the comment!

    @Luna-Andrews : Awww Luna your comment made me smile a lot. Thanks for your support with everything and for enduring all my questions about design stuff. x D I'll try hard to not let this blog die.. wish me luck. <3

    @Jester-Coleman : Thank you! First, I didn't even realize he's already having so many points. : )

    @Lidija-Rotherford : Thank you Lidija. Haha yes, I think I have now uh.. around 4 horses which passed the 400p mark in a single discipline and it never gets less exciting. Feels good to see them doing so great. : ) I hope your horse will hit the mark soon.

    @Marina : Thanks a lot for your comment Marina! <3

    @Alice-Palmer : I've added a link to the completely unedited picture under the portrait for you. <3 Thank you soo much for your kind comment!

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    ... but you've finally made a blog, good job :wink:

    Dogma, bae, you deserve the best in the world :trophy: :medal: You know I love this picture, I'm so glad you've been doing some editing lately. You are a wonderful artist and I'm always impatiently waiting for more no pressure though, just know I love what you do


  • Bree, all hats and riding helmets off for this accomplishment!! I'm so in awe of what you and Dogma have done together, and ever since I first saw him, I've adored him for his looks and way of being (as I recall sending you a PM about 4-5 years back, remember? x) ) He is and will always be one of the legends! His portrait is stunning, as is all your editing - as always :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :kiss:

  • @Merida-Dahmer : :banana: q_q thank you so much dear, you can't imagine how much it means to me to hear this from you, it's a huge compliment! I'm trying hard to edit more, I do love it..I'm just °_° slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow :snail: <3 * hugs * who knows, maybe it works better when I'm back into the flow again. ;)

    @Mandy-McAvoy : believe it or not, but I still do remember this message very well. I was quite surprised to receive it back in time, like.. it felt amazing someone noticed me and my pictures. : D Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment dear! <3 <3

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    “You’ll behave out there, right? I know you’re well mannered most of the time so please don’t go nuts. Not today and especially not during your turn, ok?” The dark bay stallion didn’t seem to have anything against the plan, or was just not paying attention to what the petite woman next to him, carefully braiding his silky black mane, said. He just stood there patiently in the guest stall, half asleep, with his pink tongue sticking out of his mouth and swishing the tail at regular intervals to get rid of the annoying flies. “Well, at least one of us doesn’t feel stressed at all today.”

    Luckily, the last couple of days here in northern France hadn’t been as bad and chaotic as the day of the arrival. With the alarm clock going off too late, everything that could've gone wrong, had gone wrong and having spent eight hours in the car with Brian, the idiot, set Bree's nerves on edge too. She didn’t hate him, not really… but he was very skilled at enraging her and on that day he was at his best. Honestly, it was a miracle the man wasn’t dead yet. At least he was behaving more or less okay today. The German Riding Pony mare they took to the show with the intention to sell her had found a new owner very quickly after a great performance in the movement class on the second day. Now the only thing that made her feel tense was the upcoming free jumping class.

    A hand gently touching her shoulder interrupted Bree’s busy mind, made her head turn around towards the person on her left.
    “Hey, are you daydreaming again? You didn’t respond to my question at all.” Adam frowned. Sometimes he would’ve really liked to know what went on inside that head of hers.
    “I asked if you’re ok. Dogma’s turn isn’t for another hour and he’s looking perfect. I don't know if you've even realized it but this is like the fourth time you're redoing his braids”
    “But I..”
    A loud, high pitched neigh interrupted her as a huge talkative chestnut stallion walked past them and her own horse had clearly decided to answer as loud as he possibly could. Bree cringed and rubbed her aching ears "..want everything to be perfect", she finished with a sigh.
    “ silly!”
    “Here”, Adam handed her a papercup coffee with a smirk on his face.
    “Take a break and go outside, the weather’s great. I’ll stay here and look after him”, he pointed at Dogma.
    “Thank you.”
    With a loud sigh she left the building, taking a sip of hot coffee. It will be just fine..eventually.

  • Dogma looks so good, I love his coat it's so perfect. :heart_eyes: He has such a nice jump, those knees are perfect.. This picture is just so nice I don't know what to say :P :heart: (loved the story by the way)

  • Great horse & an awesome pic

  • Without words :o <3

  • Just look at him! For me he is already a winner; what a beautiful creature he is, look that jump oh whoa!, how great edits you make (excuse me, I'm gonna come over and steal your skills!) and that text... is so damn good that I just wanna hide all that I have ever written in English into a some very dark place where a daylight can never reach them :rolling_eyes: Love you to the moon and back <3

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