The Eastbourgh Stud | February Breeding [2/5 OPEN]

  • Rules and Information

    No Mass Uploading of the horse's File or Markings
    No Alterations To the Coat / Confo ( Shine and detail markings allowed)
    Active Show Homes Only
    Foals are to keep Eastbourgh's Prefix and may not have one added
    Foals to be registered on the Mane site within 4 weeks
    Realistic Cross Breeding Accepted (What would be realistic IRL, for example my 17.2 will not cover a shetland)
    Fee to be paid once foal is bred,
    Failure to pay the fee will result in the resulting foal being sold off, your mare will still be on the foals passport
    Colours will be chosen at random from the potential Genos, You may give a preference though
    I have the right to turn down any breeding though it is unlikely
    Include Muffin on your application to prove rules where carefully read
    Please Inform me if you would like to sell the foal at any time
    Do not under any circumstances send the Foal's profile to Reclaimable horses, Send it to me if no longer wanted
    Foals Will all come with custom markings
    I will require the Mare's File, This will be deleted from my computer once the foal is bred.
    Mares should have at least one title
    Any questions or query's please PM me

    Available Stallions

    Hulior d'Auroy
    Kingstone d'Auroy x Daliante d'Auroy

    This Selle Francis stallion possesses some top bloodline and has already produced a few foals in the past, he has just moved up to 1.60m in showjumping and came second in his first Grandprix. He Holds the State Champion title in Showjumping though we think he will soon earn more titles.
    He stands at about 16.2 and is built compact and very powerful.
    For a stallion he has a very good temperament and has a calm but hardworking work ethic.

    Gives 3 Pedigree Points
    15k Negotiable

    Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos
    Rare Opputunity, wont be up for public stud again anytime soon

    Eastbourgh's Chaos is a very talented little irish sports horse who in his first year of eventing earned over 70 points, he stands at 15.3 and is very powerful with a lot of stamina. He has placed highly in some very noteworthy events including a win in the Birkinhead International Trials, he currently holds the Regional Champion title but is only 7Y/O and already close to the State Champion Title so we expect to see some more titles in his future.

    Gives 2 pedigree points
    10k Negotiable

    To apply just message me with a picture of the mare, the relevant information, i.e age, breed, points ect and your plans for the foal. Please read rules before applying.

    Note: Please Message me on here rather than Slack with your application as Slack tends to Delete my Messages

  • Two breedings completed, 1 slot left for Hulior and 2 for Chaos!!!

    Top: Hulior d'Auroy x GOS Éponine, Chestnut Filly
    Bottom: Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos x GOS Méthode, Grey (Bay Based) Colt
    alt text

  • Only One slot remaining for each stallion!

    Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos x SAEC Under Orders
    Grey (Black Based) Splash Filly
    alt text

  • Bumping this-
    Make sure you read the rules!
    Anyone who doesnt will be ignored :)

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