[ENDED] C r a z y Downsizing

  • Development Committee

    Please DM me those who was interested, the information will be back up soon but are taken down to avoid misunderstandings. This is not an traditional sale or auction

    This was a very sad experience and I'm really sorry to everyone who misunderstood and dislike my way of selling horses. I hope people are still interested and I have now added a "How it works" in the sheet linked below to sto avoid any more misunderstandings. Again I'm really sorry and this was no fun for me either. As I mentioned earlier to most people that this is not about the money. At least 50% of the earnings from this sale will go to newcomers or people who need money.

    If mods see this thread as inappropriate or it seems to violate any rule on the sales section then please just remove or move this thread, I understand that this is not traditional and may be something you don't want on equus. <3

    Keep in mind that I still have the right to claim 1-2 breedings from the horse whenever I want to without notifiying new owner as I wrote in the first text. READ THE TERMS <3

  • SB on WEC/HCP Secret Accident

  • Banned

    SB on Not my Style! <3 I hope I can buy him, omg he is so beautiful!!

  • Do you have pictures of Nogaro and Olympiade? <3 <3

  • PR Committee

    Is this an auction?

  • Development Committee

    Everyone who is interested, just DM me. :smile:

    There's been a misunderstanding from my side and I'm really really sorry about that, this is not a traditional auction. I will explain everything to those who wants to hear it and then just remove the link to the sheet on this thread to avoid misunderstandings. It will take osme time to reply everyone so please be patient while I fix up in this issue! <3

  • Development Committee

    This is back up again! Some prices have been adjusted and sold horses has been removed. New horses also added!

  • Is this still up? I may or may not be interested in more horses :thinking: <3

  • Development Committee

    Unfortunately, all horses are sold.. But thank you for your interest! <3

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